Ulta Beauty Deals 2021

Ulta Beauty Deals 2021

See the best Ulta Beauty Deals 2021 and all Ulta Sales (at the bottom of the page) that I’ve chosen to feature and all the information I’ve gathered and tracked along the way for you to get the best deal at Ulta Beauty every time you shop.

Ulta Beauty Articles

Read articles I’ve linked below to learn more about the Ulta Beauty Deal topic of your choice.

Ulta Beauty Static Articles

These articles are constantly updated as changes apply, so I do not create a new version.

Ulta Beauty 2019 Articles

I remove links to 2019 articles as I write the corresponding 2020 article. You can still find all older articles that are no longer linked using the search bar.

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Ulta Beauty 2021 Articles

Shop Ulta Beauty

Ulta.com- Free shipping with a $50 purchase for regular and Platinum members. Whenever this dips to $25, $35, or free with a specified purchase, I will note that below and in the Free Shipping article. Diamond members get Free shipping with a $25 purchase.

Ulta Beauty UltaMate Rewards Program Details

Sign up for the UltaMate Rewards Program for points and exclusive offers. Points only expire a year after the quarter you earned them in wraps (if you do not reach Platinum status).

Become an Ulta Beauty Bronze Rewards Member

Get immediate entry upon signing up, and you remain at this tier with no minimum spend. I’ve listed some of the basic perks below, but that is just the beginning. See all 2020 Ulta Beauty Bronze Rewards Perks

Cash points in for a credit to use on anything. The more you bank the more valuable the points are. Points expire one year after the quarter you earn them in at this level. See Earning and Redeeming Points at Ulta for more details.

How Do I Become an Ulta Beauty Platinum Rewards Member?

Spend $500 a year, and you get upgraded to Ulta Beauty Platinum status. Your Platinum membership is valid from the date you earn it through the end of the following year. I’ve listed some of the basic perks below, but that is just the beginning. See all 2020 Ulta Beauty Platinum Perks.

  • All Bronze Perks
  • 1.25 points per dollar spent
  • $10 birthday coupon
  • Exclusive Platinum Offers

Points do not expire while you’re in Platinum status.

How Do I Become an Ulta Beauty Diamond Rewards Member?

Spend $1200 a year, and you get upgraded to Ulta Beauty Diamond status. Your Diamond membership is valid from the date you earn it through the end of the following year. I’ve listed some of the basic perks below, but that is just the beginning. See all 2020 Ulta Beauty Diamond Perks.

  • All Bronze and Platinum Perks
  • 1.5 points per dollar spent
  • free shipping with a $25 purchase
  • free $25 reward card annually good toward beauty services (which comes inside the Diamond Rewards Qualification Gift)

Read more about the Diamond Program

How Do You Earn and Redeem Points at Ulta?

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 5.14.29 PM

Redeem the points you earn for cash off your purchases. While I recommend reading the article on Earning and Redeeming Points article to maximize program value, there are two basics that can help without reading too much. Only cash in points in increments of 2000 (unless you are Bronze and your points are about to expire) and combine as many multipliers as you can to earn points quickly.

How Do I Sign Up For Ulta Offers?

Ulta sends most offers to UltaMate Rewards members via email, so make sure subscribe to emails. Some offers come via mail or app, so download the app and make sure your current address is on file. Be sure to check your mail, look at the catalogs, and read all of your emails, because the special promos hide at times in otherwise normal looking ads.

If you get a special offer (these are at times targeted), you must activate it from the email or from the My Rewards section of your online account. I check the My Rewards section before placing an order, because I’ve seen offers in there I did not get a notification on. If a GWP offer is targeted, I’ve shared it in the Coupon article. Brand and product specific 5x points offers are always targeted.

Does Ulta Take Coupons?

Yes, Ulta always has a coupon. You can always find a general drugstore coupon at this link. One of the best Ulta Beauty deals is how many coupons it takes. In Everything You Need to Know About Ulta Coupons, I go over every type of coupon, targeted coupon offers, rules for the coupons, how you get the coupons, expiration dates, and help you differentiate between unique and general coupons.

Ulta carries drugstore and prestige brands. Drugstore brands have a higher price than your average drugstore, because they run constant promotions and almost all Ulta coupons are eligible. You can even use manufacturers coupons if you shop in person. If you shop with a coupon during a promotion, you can get a better deal than most drugstores. Prestige brands have competitive pricing, so you tend to get an even better deal with sales and coupons when the 20% off Prestige Coupon is out. I also track targeted Coupons, and Ulta Beauty Birthday Gift Coupons.

Ulta Beauty Deals Shopping Checklist

I check Buy More, Save More Offers, the Sale Section, and the GWP section every time I place an order. Over the years, I’ve found some great things on sale. If I am purchasing something worth $32 and I can spend $3 more to get a GWP offer or grab another item for a BOGO offer, those are deals I want to know about. When shopping in-store, shop by its clearance section.

What Time Zone is Ulta on?

Ulta is on Central Time, so all promotions start at midnight central time. Most promotions cut-off on time, which is important to remember if you are on the West Coast.

How Do I Get The Best Ulta Beauty Deal?

If you want more detail on anything I’ve discussed here, read Tips For Getting the Best Ulta Beauty Deal.

Ulta Beauty Deals and Ulta Sales Calendar

I track all major promotions. The timeline will link you to each article (if you want more details) and show you when it came in the past, so you have an idea of when to expect it in the future.

Ulta Beauty Deals 2021 That Repeat On Schedule

  • There are usually Diamond and Platinum perks on the first Monday of every month. If they pop up any other time, I will note that here.
  • Beauty Breaks are only available for 4-6 hours at a time, mostly on Wednesday mornings starting at 8am PST. I track all Beauty Breaks, and I will make a note here when I see one outside of a Wednesday morning.

Ulta Beauty Deals 2021 and Ulta Sales

Beauty Birthday Gifts 2021

Ulta Beauty offers a birthday gift. See its gift and all other birthday gifts. Some birthday gifts are completely free, but others are gifts with purchase.

What are your thoughts on these Ulta Beauty Deals and Ulta Sales?

Let me know below. If there are any great deals I am missing, please share them with me.

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