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TopCashBack Pay To Shop

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Shop With TopCashBack It pays you a specified percentage or flat rate of your subtotal with an affiliated retailer. You must select the retailer through the TopCashBack site for the cookie (tracking link) on the shopping trip to activate.

There are times when there is a sign-up bonus up to $10 for joining. It will always be listed in the link when it’s available. If it is not listed, there may be free gift offers. Sometimes, there are no bonus or offer available.

About TopCashBack

Get paid to shop online. TopCashBack pays you a percentage of your subtotal any time you shop with an affiliated store.

  • It is the only online Pay-To-Shop Program that has no minimum balance to request payment from the payable amount. There are four cash out methods.
    • direct transfer to an US Bank (any amount)
    • direct transfer to PayPal (any amount)
    • American Express Gift Card ($20 minimum) adds a 3% bonus
    • Amazon Gift Card ($0.10 minimum) adds a 3% bonus.
  • They have a highest cash back guarantee. You can submit a claim (within seven days of the purchase) if you notice after the purchase another site would have paid more. They will match it once the claim is approved. It is only approved to the exact amount and there is a chance it can get denied. Use the other site if you notice it pays more before the purchase.

Check your My Offers section for offers targeted to your account or recommended for you.

Add stores to your favorites to have all of your regular stores easily accessible.

Get Coupon Codes. Check coupon offers before shopping, because they get special codes you may not find anywhere else.

Play Games

There is a static bar at the bottom of every TopCashBack page. Click on the games banner to receive a clue where you guess which merchant is depicted. If you guess the proper merchant and go to its page, you will see a hummingbird flying around the page. Catch the humming-bird as quickly as possible to receive a randomly generated prize to shop that retailer. Most prizes will be small, so it is mainly for fun. A few members will get larger prizes up to $500 in value. Games are not constant, but clicking on the bar at the bottom of each page will activate it when they’re available.

Compare Offers With Other Pay To Shop Programs

Remember to check competitors before shopping to ensure you are getting the best rate back. Sometimes TopCashBack has the best rate. Use it when it does. If it does not, use another program.

What are your thoughts on the TopCashBack Pay-to-Shop Program?

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