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Birchbox Limited Edition Sweet Beauty Treats Review and ACES Surprise 50 Bonus Points for 48 Hours

Birchbox released a new limited edition box today. This box is included in the Valentine’s Day Shop offers that work with the discount code VD20 through 02/03/18. I was already going to pick it up, but I was thankfully distracted. When I went to purchase it this afternoon, I noticed Birchbox placed 50 surprise points for being an Ace in my account. For those looking to track 48-hour 50 point surprise offers, I’ve got you covered. An offer for all subscribers went out on 12/08/17. Offers for Aces went out on 12/31/16, 03/24/17, and 06/28/17. The offers appear to release randomly, but I will let you know if I ever notice any patterns. I take advantage of these points when possible, because there is no purchase minimum to redeem them. As an Ace, you also get free shipping on any purchase.

It says it is a 48-hour surprise. The official email did not come until the next morning, and it says this offer is valid through the 27th. That means those of us who were lucky enough to stumble on it before the announcement got more than 48 hours to redeem them. If you are an Ace and looking for something to spend your 50 points on, I suggest this box!

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