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Ulta 5x Points Offers on Specific Brands, Products, or Services for 2017

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I track all Ulta offers, and this article will cover all 5x Points offers for specific brands, products, and services for 2017. There will be a separate article for 5x points on anything offers (and I will link it here after I see the first universal offer of 2017). As soon as I see specific 5x points offers, I will update this article. It could be a large post by the end of the year depending on how generous Ulta is. Most 5x points offers are targeted and must be activated. You can activate the offer directly from the email Ulta sends.

If you are having issues with email, check the Rewards section in your Account. There are times when offers you did not receive emails on are sitting in your account waiting for activation. Contact Ulta if you are an active shopper who got skipped for more than five offers in a row. This could signify a problem on your account. I’ve never been excluded from more than 3-4 in a row. Offers that are available for everyone still need activation (through email, the main Ulta page, or your account section). Unless otherwise specified, all offers below are targeted. You will not get the point multiplier unless you received the offer.

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How To Clean Lipstick and Is This Lipstick Moldy or Sweating?

By Kimberly

Is there mold on your lipstick or is it something else like sweat? What are those dots on your lipstick? If you’ve asked yourself this question, you’ve probably Googled it looking for more information. Unless your Google skills are superior to mine, your search results probably did not yield a lot of information. Being the deal shopper I am, I often buy lipsticks (and a ton of other items) when they go on sale or have a great GWP offer attached. In August 2014, I bought 12 Kat Von D lipsticks from Sephora when they went on sale marked from $19 to $7. After tax, the lipsticks cost me over $100. I also purchased the Bite Deconstructed Rose Trio for $35 from Sephora on 12/19/14.

I know most of you are thinking those are incredible deals, and they were. That is why I pounced on them. The problem is I do not wear makeup as often as I should with what I buy. In April 2015, I purged and cleaned my makeup. Remember that it is only a good deal when you buy quality items, so price is not king. Only one of the three Bite lipsticks and 2 of the 12 Kat Von D lipsticks are used. That means 12 of my 15 incredible deals are completely untouched. They have not even been swatched. There were a few other lipsticks that had dots but only Kat Von D and Bite Beauty had dots on almost every lipstick within their respective brands.

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Disney Makeup on Sale

This was actually a pajama order.  We are huge Disney fans, so most of my boys’ pajamas come from the Disney Store.  I also got a pair of pajama pants of my own.  Although I rock those Minnie Mouse pajama pants, I am writing this to share a different Minnie purchase with you.  Disney actually sells makeup.  As a frequent visitor to the cruise line, the mall stores, and the US parks, I’ve seen the makeup they’ve offered everywhere.  Some of it looks cute while other selections look cheap.

I decided it was finally time to take the plunge into the Disney world of makeup.  It might be fun to combine two of my favorite things, beauty and Disney.  Worst case scenario is I hate the item, but I still have a collectible trinket.  All things Disney are super cute, so I would keep my purchase regardless of the outcome whilst adding it to my Disney collection.  When it comes to makeup, one of my favorite things to collect also seems like the hardest item to ensure quality, eyeshadow.  If you get a lousy lipstick, you can always reapply.  Lousy eyeshadow is much harder to reapply, because once it creases or refuses to blend, it is done.  What better place to start my Disney makeup journey!  Will it end before it really begins or will this be the beginning of a new Disney addiction?

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Why I Should Stop Shopping For Mascara!

I love collecting beauty products.  For some reason, I seem to get mascara from everywhere.  Despite giving them away, I still always seem to have 40-50 on hand.  A lot may be thinking that would be a great problem to have.  The problem is mascara does not last forever.  If I do not eventually use them, they will go bad before they ever see the light of day.  My last mascara, Too Faced Better than Sex, was tossed weeks ago.  I have not used one since.  It is time to open another one, so I can actually use some of this amazing mascara stash of mine.

Most of my mascaras are minis, which I prefer.  I throw them away as suggested right around the three month mark.  Even in mini size, I have never used one completely up by then.  The full sized ones, with the exception of my precious (Definicils) came in kits, subscription boxes or for my birthday (CK One from Ulta).  Why on earth would I buy Definicils despite having so many mascaras?  It is my all time favorite mascara, so I pick it up at times when I need something to grab for a Lancome GWP.  We all know Lancome is one of the three GWP kings.  I will touch back on that in a different article (and link it here once I’ve written it).  Now, let’s get back to the topic at hand, Mascara!

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Julep January 2015 Birthstone and a Nail Polish Challenge

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My hands are not the best, so I have a love/hate relationship with nail polish. On the one hand (sorry that I could not help the pun), unkempt hands get ignored. That way, no one notices them. At the same time, all hands look better with a nice manicure and a little polish. Yes, more people will notice them, but at least they will look as good as they can. So, I invite all of you on my journey to keep my rough, man-hands polished as much as possible. I’ve joined a nail polish challenge and plan to paint my nails at least once a week for the remainder of 2015.

Nail polish Saturday will be my new “thing.” I started collecting nail polish in May 2013. Prior to that, I only owned a couple of older bottles that I tossed when my new collection started. That means my current collection is all less than two years old with some being very near the two year mark and others that just arrived today. My newest haul from Julep just came in with two polishes and a plush pout. Of course, I will always swatch new items for you.

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Swatches and Looks January 2015

Welcome to the January edition of Swatches and Looks.  I want to catalog the items that did not make it into another article, so I will post these when applicable.  If they’ve made it into another article, they will not appear here.

Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Wonderland.  The color is a pinkish/coral with a touch of red.  I love this color.  These lippies fall between a gloss and a lipstick.  This particular one is a little less sticky than other colors I’ve tried from the same line.  It leaves a slightly sticky mess as it fades, so the formula is not my favorite.

Dior Addict Fluid Stick Wonderland

Dior Addict Fluid Stick Wonderland

Urban Decay Liar.  I find the color and the formula okay.  There is nothing overly special or terrible about either.

Urban Decay Liar

Urban Decay Liar

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask.  It goes on clear and hardens on the skin.  I did leave it on for about 25 minutes (it suggests 20-30).  From a single foil, I did not get a full feeling of how well it worked. My skin did look slightly nicer afterward, but I would need to experiment longer to give a true opinion on this.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

Have you tried any of these items?  What do you think of them?

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