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Ulta Beauty’s First Ever 10x Points Offer on Select Top Rated Products for Diamond Members. Platinum Members Get 10x and UltaMate Members Get 5x

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It’s after midnight Central time, which means Ulta’s latest offer is live. There is a 10x points event today, March 2nd through Sunday, March 5th. This is the second mini 10x points promotion in UltaMate Rewards History. The main event takes place once a year on the 3rd or 4th Monday of the August, and it only lasts one day. These mini events, like the first one we ever saw in November 2017, span over more than one day. Since the Diamond Rewards program did not officially launch until January 16th of this year, it is the first time Diamond members get to partake in a 10x points event. All products in this promotion are available to all members. See all 10x points events for 2018.

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Ulta Beauty Diamond Rewards – The New UltaMate Rewards Tier Explained

By Kimberly

Ulta expanded its UltaMate Rewards program to include the Diamond Rewards tier. UltaMate Rewards launched nationally January 1, 2014, and Ulta Beauty’s Diamond Rewards launches on January 16, 2018. While there was a prior rewards program in place before 2014 (UltaMate Rewards got tested select cities in late 2013), it was nothing compared to the ultimate program we see now. “Where Beauty Loves You Back” became “Where Beauty Loves You Back Even More Brilliantly.” How do you improve a program that was already the best! By launching a new tier with even better rewards and not taking anything away from the previous program, Ulta did it. That’s right, Ulta is upgrading its rewards program with style. I want to break the changes down. Most perks remain the same or better. One small but important difference is the only thing I noted.

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