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Free 12-Piece Ulta Beauty Collection GWP Bag Review February 17th through March 16th, 2019

Today is the last day to grab the free 12-piece gift with a $19.50 purchase from the Ulta Beauty Collection. For those on the fence, I thought I would offer this last-minute review. Keep in mind several items from the Ulta Beauty Collection are getting discounts in the upcoming Spring 2019 21 Days of Beauty. This promotion ran from February 17th through March 16th. I went back and forth on whether I would even grab it, so I understand the hesitation. There are items I like from the Ulta Beauty Collection, but they almost always go on sale or have BOGO offers when there is not a beauty bag. That means I give up the chance to get a deal on items I want to try items I may not enjoy when I select the GWP bag. Sometimes I do. Other times I don’t. The deal shopper in me always needs to find balance between gifts with purchase and getting a discount instead. Although, getting a nice GWP is usually better than a discount if I find items I love in the GWP.

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