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Ulta Beauty 10x Points Events 2019

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This article will cover all 2019 Ulta Beauty 10x points events. Prior to 2017, we only got one 10x points event a year, in August. In 2017, Ulta added a second event called Beauty Stars in November. Ulta introduced a Beauty Stars 10x points event in March of 2018. The November 10x points event repeated in 2018. That gave us a total of 3 10x points events in 2018, March, August, November. With the March event in 2019 getting reduced to 7x points, I am unsure what this means for 10x points events in 2019. A reduction in benefits is not common with Ulta, so it makes predicting future changes difficult. My guess is we will still get 10x points in August, but November might get reduced to 7x points as well.

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Ulta Beauty 10x Points Events 2018

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Prior to 2017, there was only a single 10x points event each year on the 3rd or 4th Monday in August. That meant one article each year was enough. Although these 10x points events are big enough to deserve a dedicated article, I want to keep a master list so all the events get tracked in one place. When I write a separate article for an event, I will link it below. Details on each event will only go in their respective articles. This will be a general overview of all the 10x points offers for 2018. Since the first mini 10x points event in November 2017 and the latest event, which started today, it is clear Ulta plans on doing more mini events in the future. They are still too new to predict patterns. All we know with certainty now is we have a dedicated larger event in August and will get mini events other times throughout the year. Will the events be around the same time each year? How many mini events can we expect? Only time will tell. As this is 4 months after the first one, it would be nice to see another one 4 months from now. That would give us a mini event a month before the major event so I am unsure if it will come to pass.

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Ulta 10x Points for Platinum Members

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Platinum Appreciation Day in took place in August again for 2016. Some offers were the same, but there were new offers this year.

Every year Platinum members at Ulta get a one day event where select items are available for 10x points. Yes, this combines with any other multipliers you may have. Read my Ulta page for the rules on combining multipliers (if you’re lucky enough to have more than one). This event is always at the end of August and has not included every item in the store since 2014. In 2015, only select items were included. It landed on Monday, August 24th. Ulta is on central time, so it officially started 08/23/15 at 10pm PST. The problem is the emails with the specific items included did not go out until the following morning. Those who got there at 10pm had to play with their carts a bit to see which items calculated at 10x points to beat the rush and avoid things selling out as we slept.

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