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PINCHme Volume Five

PINCHme is a free sampling service. Complete your profile where you answer questions about your household and shopping habits. On select Tuesdays at 9amPST when new samples release, you can order any available that match up to your profile. The better samples tend to run out quickly, so log in as early as possible. Once you’ve tried the samples, you complete a short survey. As long as you complete your surveys in a timely manner, you are eligible to receive future samples.

I ordered this package on 01/12/16. It arrived on 02/18/16. Shipping usually takes 4-6 weeks, so this 5 week shipping is pretty standard. The survey deadline is 03/28/16. I completed them all, because the people I gave the products to (sadly I was unable to use any of these) already reported their results.

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