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CrowdTap Rewards Another Free Amazon Gift Card

I discovered CrowdTap about a month ago, and I’ve already redeemed my second reward. My first reward was also an Amazon gift card, so I am unsure if there is any retailer variation or if all rewards come from Amazon. As an Amazon Prime member, I enjoy receiving Amazon gift cards. Crowdtap allows tappers to sample free products and earn rewards in the process. It is a place where consumers and brands collaborate to: share opinions, ideas, and market through social sharing. This company has a two-part reward system. Those who earn a specified number of points get a reward. There are opportunities to team up with brands to test products in exchange for reviews. Successful completion of brand missions get points, which in turn helps tappers get more rewards.

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Amazon Cyber Weekend Purchases

Other than my Sephora Black Friday order, which I actually placed on Thanksgiving, I sat out of Black Friday Deals. I’ve only braved Black Friday crowds to shop in person one time, and I did not enjoy it. A lot of online retailers place items on sale over the weekend or on Cyber Monday. Those appeal to me a lot more, because I save on gas, do not have the bear the cold, the crowds, and in some cases can get cash back on orders. Getting cash back on Amazon is tricky, so I did not get anything for this order unfortunately.

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