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Ulta Launches The Glowing Skin Event

The steals for the January 2017 event have been announced. I posted them in a new article.

If you’re like me, you know roughly when every major event happens at Ulta. You can always brush up on my overview if you do not. When I received my latest catalog, I noticed Ulta was launching a new event. From 01/03/16-01/23/16, Ulta will host The Glowing Skin Event. In previous years, the event was held only once a year on a smaller scale, and called Love Your Skin. Of course my predictions starting going into overdrive. I am guessing this will be held twice a year like its sister events, The 21 Days of Beauty and the Gorgeous Hair Event. Those are each held six and five months apart, respectively. That means this event will likely repeat in June or July. My guess is June, because late July usually brings 20% off prestige for Platinum members and 10% off for UltaMate members. Then again, the end of January always sees a 20% off prestige coupon, so it will probably release after this event wraps around the 24th. There is no reason a July event could not immediately precede the prestige discounts. We also see a 20% off prestige offer right when the spring 21 Days of Beauty wrap.

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