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Birchbox April 2019 Review of Curated Box 2 and Two Boxes With Sample Choices Plus Subscription Box Offers

I have three April 2019 Birchbox reviews, and I am placing all three in this article. After I learned about the new Birchbox pricing structure, I decided to purchase two more subscriptions before the price went up. Since I wanted to see if the new boxes are really better than the old boxes, I wanted to have a few each month for comparison. It is easy to get one lucky box. If you get three out of three, it is far more likely actual improvement is taking place. In typical studies, you usually need a sample size of at least 30. As much as I love experiments and blogging, I was not ordering 30 boxes!

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Completing My Disney Reigning Beauty Mirror Collection and Why I Prefer Shopping Sephora Online

Almost a year after the release, I’ve finally completed my Disney Reining Beauty Mirror Collection. I started with Belle and Snow White the day they launched, 09/15/15. On 10/07/15, I purchased Cinderella. The Elsa and Anna mirror has been available online almost non-stop since the release. Aurora and Ariel proved elusive. My thoughts were I had the three I wanted most, so I would not get any more unless I was able to get them all. We went to Disneyland last weekend (where I purchased another special Disney compact I will share with you in a separate article within the next week). Of course, I visited the Sephora at Downtown Disney, because Disney is my favorite place and Sephora is a close second. That store just seems a little more magical than other Sephora stores, even though it is far from the best I’ve been to.

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