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Nature Made Kid’s First Multi Gummy and Where Did The Target Free Samples Go?

When Target was still sending free samples, I received a free full-size Nature Made Kid’s First Multivitamin Daily Nutritional Support Gummies. I randomly check the free sample link, because there is never any notice when a new sample pops up. They go really quickly, too, so you have to get lucky and check it at the right time to get something. A couple of days before this published I noticed that the link no longer works. There is not a new link either. If Target updates the link for free samples, I will update it here, on my Target Page, and on my Free Samples Page. It is completely possible Target eliminated the free sample section, but I will leave the link up until I confirm it will not return. Since Walmart redesigned its link, I have not found any free samples at the bottom of that page either. Hopefully, the samples did not dry up, because I love getting free samples from two large companies I trust.

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