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Ulta Beauty Breaks January, February, and March 2017

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I track all Ulta offers, and this article will cover all Beauty Breaks for January, February, and March 2017. There are around 50 Beauty Breaks a year, so I want to split these articles into quarters. Beauty Breaks are pop-up GWP offers. Most Beauty Breaks get released at 8am PST on Wednesdays. They usually run for 4-6 hours. Every time I see a Beauty Break (I am on the West Coast, so please do not use my article as your source of notification), I will update this article until the end of March. If you have not already, subscribe to Ulta emails. There are times when better Beauty Breaks disappear before I even wake up.

Surprise Beauty Breaks (those typically offered outside the normal Wednesday schedule) do not usually get emailed. They are only open to those lucky enough to stumble upon them. All surprise offers I’ve seen are below. My goal with tracking offers is to better predict trends, as many retailers including Ulta repeat offers around the same time each year. This means I can look at the 2017 offers to get an idea of when 2018 offers may arrive. At the very least, it can show me with certainty when a Beauty Break repeats.

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