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The Ulta 2016 Birthday Gift Changes Each Quarter

The 2017, 2018, and 2019 birthday gift articles are up.

New birthday gifts are available every quarter at Ulta in 2016. Remember to check all birthday offers before your birthday arrives, because many retailers have great offers. Every quarter when the next gift announces, I will update this (and the main post). If you have not joined the UltaMate Rewards Program yet, join before your birthday to receive your free gift. Joining with a referral link will also give you $10 off your fist purchase.

Platinum members receive a $10 coupon on their actual birthday (in addition to the standard gift), which is good toward anything without a purchase minimum. This coupon is valid in store or online. It will work once in store AND once online, because the codes are different. If you have questions about any Ulta Coupon, I go over all types. You will not pay anything in-store if your purchase is $10 or less. There is a free shipping minimum (usually $50 but it does lower at times to $35 or even $25) for online purchases, so only order online if you’re going over it. Shopping in store is the only way to redeem the standard and Platinum gifts at the same time.

All members get 2x points on every purchase the entire month of their birth. Yes, this offer combines with others. There is a simple breakdown of how points multiply on my Ulta Page, which also covers everything there is to know at the UltaMate program and shopping at Ulta. It is not as simple as adding them together, because base points and the Platinum bonus never multiply. The easiest way to look at this is you get a bonus point for your birthday, because the first point is something you’d get anyway.

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