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Sephora Holiday Bonus 2018 Surprise Extension for VIB and Rouge Members

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The Holiday Bonus for Beauty Insider members starts on Friday as I’ve already mentioned in its article. It also starts again for VIB and Rouge members. That’s right. Sephora decided to surprise us with the opportunity to shop with Beauty Insider members on their weekend. To quickly recap for anyone who has not seen that article, anyone can use the code BIBONUS online or in-store from Friday, November 16th through Monday, November 19th for 15% off. The credit for the purchase will only apply to those with a Beauty Insider account, but anyone without an account can make a purchase. Sephora will likely ask you to create an account to get the discount, but the fine print does not appear as if it will deny the discount to anyone who declines an account. While I always recommend joining for all the benefits the program offers, I understand there are some who prefer not to get tracked.  Continue reading


Sephora 20% Off Sale For 2016 November 4th-7th for VIB Rouge and 11th-14th for VIB

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My review of the In-Store Event and GWP Bag.

The official shopping dates for the 20% off sale at Sephora are out. This sale is for VIB and VIB Rouge tiers, but Rouge members can share the discount with anyone in-store on the first day of their sale. VIB Rouge members can shop online with 20% off using code 20ROUGE from November 4th-7th, and VIB members can shop online with 20% off using code 20VIB from November 11th-14th. Redemption cards for in-store purchases went out, but each store should have a card behind the register for those who do not receive one. If you are a Sephora shopper without a rewards account, you should really consider joining. There are a lot of codes and specials that are only available for Beauty Insiders. Sephora separated the tiers again for 2016 just as they did for VIB Rouge and VIB in 2015.

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Sephora VIB Sale 20% Off Holiday Shopping

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The annual VIB sale which runs from the beginning to the middle of each November is in full swing. This is the first year Sephora decided to exclude Rouge clients from the VIB part of the 20% off sale. I was curious to see whether HOLIDAY20 or VIB20 would work for Rouge clients. Sephora said it would not work, but parameters on new codes can fail. A VIB exclusive code had never been released before, so it was worth checking. The VIB sale runs 11/13/15-11/16/15. The code officially went live at 11:41pm PST on 11/12/15, so it came 19 minutes ahead of schedule for the west coast and was behind schedule for some others. When I tried to enter the codes from my Beauty Insider account (created solely for receiving email offers) and my Rouge account, I got a pop up that you must be a VIB member to redeem.

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