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Disney Reigning Beauty Cinderella and Sephora VIBGLOW

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My Snow White and Belle mirrors are beautiful, so I contemplated buying the other four. When they restocked, I kept telling myself I did not need them all. I really wanted Cinderella though, because she’s classic. After watching Ariel go out of stock, I decided I would purchase Cinderella if she was still available when a good promo code came along. On 10/07/15, someone graciously sent me a message stating the VIBGLOW released a day early. Knowing that code would probably run out of stock quickly, I decided to get the mirror. Stock did run out the same evening. Sephora did send me the official email the next morning after stock returned.

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Disney Collection Belle and Snow White Mirrors at Sephora

The Reigning Beauties mirror collection by Disney was released at Sephora on 09/15/15. Stock has gone in and out since the release, but Sephora is restocking the mirrors. If you have not procured yours yet, be sure to sign up for in stock emails and add the mirror of your choice to your Sephora loves list. From this list, you can periodically check stock as well. There are times when demand is high and stock is low that items are out of stock again by the time your in-stock email reaches you, so I adopt a multi-step approach to increase my odds of getting these limited edition items everyone else wants.

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