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Sephora Point Multipliers 2019

I have a theory that we may not see any 2020 Sephora point multpliers, because the Point Perk System is likely changing after 01/15/20. See this article for more details and the press release.

Every time I see Sephora point multipliers in 2019, I add it to this article. Most point multipliers repeat around the same time each year, so looking at the previous year is the best way to track them. Whenever a multiplier corresponds with a specific event, I will also link the corresponding article below. There are times when your multiplier depends on your Beauty Insider Status. I track Beauty Insider, VIB, and Rouge promotions separately, but I will make a note of any that are exclusive to a rewards tier. Unless otherwise specified, all Beauty Insiders get the same offer.

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Earning and Redeeming Points at Ulta Under the UltaMate Rewards Program For Regular, Platinum, and Diamond Members

By Kimberly

How do points work at Ulta? There is a lot to know when it comes to earning and redeeming Ulta points With UltaMate Rewards. Ulta Beauty already has the most rewarding loyalty program in the beauty community, but learning more about how to earn and redeem points can take your savings to the next level. By only spending points when they are worth the most and stacking as many bonus points and multipliers as possible, your return on investment could easily multiply from what you’ve received in the past. The most important step to maximizing your savings potential and making the most out of the program is to learn when to redeem. Once you’ve done that, learning how to maximize earnings will get you to redemption faster.

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Sephora Point Multipliers 2017

See 2018 Points Multipliers.

I track all Sephora offers. This article covers all Sephora Point Multipliers for 2017. Sephora usually uses point multipliers as a benefit for certain promotions, so most multipliers accompany minor events. When I write a separate article for an event, I will link the article next to the offer. Events known to repeat each year are notated, and I will also note if the offer is a change from the previous year. This article tracks offers to note changes over time. As I see point multipliers, I will post them below. You must be a Beauty Insider to take advantage of point multipliers (or to receive any points at all). There are times when your multiplier depends on your Beauty Insider Status. Unless otherwise specified, all Beauty Insiders get the same offer.

Point multipliers are usually automatic whether purchased online or in-store, so you do not need to do anything to activate the offer other than present your Beauty Insider information. It can take up to 24 hours for point multipliers to apply (more common when purchased in a SiJCP), but most points credit immediately after the purchase. My Sephora Deals Page keeps a list of all current offers, so make sure you stack these multipliers with current promo codes and offers.

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Beauty Insider Appreciation Week at Sephora Brings Point Multipliers September 10th 2016

See 2018 Point Multipliers.

See 2018 Beauty Insider Promotions.

The private VIB Rouge event for this promotion took place 09/10/16, and the 2016 VIB Appreciation Gift Bags released.

Beauty Insider Appreciation Week, which is usually at the beginning of August, starts September 10th this year. It runs through September 17th. The event comes with a point multiplier and an 8 piece GWP bag for VIB and Rouge members. Rewards Bazaar officially launched 08/18/16, and I am guessing Sephora wanted to work out the kinks before the point event. Today is actually the second official day of Rewards Bazaar, because new point perks are only released during business hours on Tuesday and Thursday. Though the official launch did not see any major offerings, Sephora promises they are coming. Perks from 100 points to 50,000 points will get released. I expect the 50,000 point perks will be extremely rare and incredibly valuable. In typical Sephora fashion, we will not see the official email on this event until shortly before the event. For official details, “stay tuned.”

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How Do I Get The Best Deal at Sephora?

By Kimberly

How Do I Get The Best Deal at Sephora? There are only three real sales at Sephora each year. VIB and Rouge members get included in all three. Beauty Insider members get included in two. Deal stacking at Sephora is not always possible, but there are times when it is. There are always new things to learn, so I will edit this if I discover something new.

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