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Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is the biggest sale day of the year. Traditionally, it is the day most stores cross from red (losing money) to black (making money). Most cross in style with more deals than we can ever partake in. Participating in the best deals once required you to venture out at 3am. Now, you can get a number of great deals from your house. Cyber Monday will bring deals of its own, but it is not always the case that the best Internet deals come out Monday. Many stores see the same sale both days (assuming inventory lasts through the weekend). Some sales are better on Black Friday, even online.

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Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show

The Nordstrom Beauty Trend Events/Shows are in full swing. If you have not already registered, check the schedule for your city. There are differences between the Event and the Show. My Event conflicts with a personal obligation this year, so I am going to share my experience from last year. I also shared this on Beautytalk right after the event where people asked questions and shared their personal experiences.

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