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Birchbox Beauty in Bloom Limited Edition Box

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On the 15th anniversary of the worst day on US soil, I want to break the fourth wall for a second to say, “We remember.” Yes, it is September, and I am just receiving and thus reviewing the Beauty in Bloom Limited Edition Birchbox. With all the awesome things in this box, I am grateful it lasted this long. It’s a box I really wanted to buy after I received my final review points for reviewing my August 2016 Birchbox. Before I placed my order, I saw a video where Lorelei teased the new Cheers To You! box without specifying what was inside. Instead of buying this box then, I decided to wait to see what was in that box. It is their sixth anniversary box, so I assumed it would be amazing. Although spoilers from Cheers to You! did not go over well with most people, I actually think it looks like a good box. I actually would have enjoyed a lot of things in the box, because I: want to explore more Erno Laszlo, loved the Pixi eyeshadow I sampled, enjoy the Cynthia Rowley lip stains, love trying any and all candles, and I think the tray in that set is adorable. The problem is I still think the Beauty in Bloom Limited Edition Box is better.

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