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Birchbox Limited Edition Boxes 2017

I’ve decided not to write a general article for Birchbox Limited Edition sets in 2018. Any sets I purchase will get a dedicated article, including my purchase recommendation or advice to pass on it. View Limited Edition Box articles, or use the search bar to see if I’ve reviewed the set you’re looking for. Though I did purchase a few sets in 2017, I did not blog much. Thus, I only reviewed boxes that were still available when I resumed. All of my 2015 and 2016 sets have reviews.

I like my Birchbox subscription, but I love most Limited Edition Birchboxes. This article will cover all Limited Edition Birchboxes for 2017 (other than the perfume and cologne sets). There are almost always more full-sized items than samples in a Limited Edition Birchbox. The size of the item is not listed in the product description (something I hope Birchbox eventually changes). Birchbox does mention if the item is full, deluxe, or travel sized. This makes it impossible to calculate the exact box value (unless I order the box myself) the way I do for other retailers. Most boxes have a value that is a lot higher than the retail price. It is still important to consider personal value (the value you will receive from the box, not including items you gift or toss). Calculating personal value before purchasing any limited edition box is harder when the sizes are unknown.

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