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Beautylish 2019 Lucky Bag Review

Beautylish 2019 Lucky bags have sold out, but the sign-up list for 2020 Lucky Bags is already up. My 2019 Beautylish Lucky Bag review is below, because my bag arrived on January 22nd. To keep everything regarding this deal in one place, I used this article to let people know the bags were about to go live and review my bag after I received it. I hoped that would serve as a reminder for anyone who forgot or did not already know about the bags. A quick recap is the XL bags were gone in four minutes, and I was not one of the lucky people who scored one. Thankfully, I did get a regular bag in fair to medium, and I look forward to seeing how it compares to the bag I received last year. Once I receive my bag, I will review it here.

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