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Core Collection July 2016 Deal Discoveries

There are so many products I fall in love with but will take a while to finish. Instead of waiting until I can mention them in a FabuFinds article or waiting to see if they make the Top 10 of the Year, I want to go over items from my Core Collection. These are items I consider great deals (even at full-price, although I will still try to get them with a deal). If I ever finish them, I will probably replace ones that do not already have back-ups. Sometimes, they are items I’ve had for a while and just tried or items I tried in the past but love more upon rediscovery. Occasionally, I purchase items I love that do not fit into an article other than this one. When I try something from a recent acquisition where I wrote an article, I will always edit a mini review into the original article (love, hate, or anything in between) or mention it in an Empties article (if I finish it quickly). A single product review in the original article will not always depict how much I love it compared with other items I tried that month. This lists my Deal Discoveries from July 2016 that I am not even close to finishing.

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Sephora Sale on Sale

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Every year from Christmas Day through New Year’s Day, Sephora offers 20% off everything in the sales section. Accessing the sale on sale requires a promo code, so you will not get any freebies with the order (other than the standard 3 samples in the checkout section). The promo code usually changes from year to year, but it is multi-use. Shop the sales section as often as you want during the week. This year, the promo code is EXTRA20. Rouge clients were able to get access to the sale early using the code ROUGE20. It opened around 9:30pm PST on 12/22/15 for Rouge clients and 9:15pm PST on 12/24/15 for everyone else. Last year, the sale opened for Rouge very early on the 21st, so we had almost two days less advance access this year. We still got two full days to shop before it opened to everyone.

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