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Nail Polish Swatches Sheers and Whites

My nail polish collection is large. Polishes kept in good condition (away from heat or light) can last a long time, longer than the two years many people quote. A good thinner (I use Seche Vite) can also revive them. I have tossed polishes when thinner cannot save them or they have obviously gone bad, but it is rare. When I started collecting polishes again, I tossed all polishes older than the summer of 2013. To avoid ordering duplicates, I created a spreadsheet. Swatching them with these spoons I purchased from Amazon will help me compare the colors, finishes, and overall quality. All polishes only have one coat, because I wanted to spot the difference between my sheer and opaque polishes. We’ve all seen polishes that look dark in the bottle only to need 3-4 coats for opaqueness. No polishes have base or top coats either, because that can change the way the polish looks.

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Julep April 2015 Birthstone

I love collecting the Julep birthstones, so I collect them all and not just my birthstone. March had been out of stock for over a month, and I do not like to collect the polishes out-of-order. If for any reason the OOS polish does not return, I do not want gaps in the collection before it ends. My concern was March would return to stock, but April would go out of stock by then. As such, I decided on 04/13/15 to purchase April before March. It worked out, kind of. Julep Liza, the March offering returned to stock the next day before disappearing again. She has been gone every other time I’ve checked, too. Some may want to order this the first day of the month when it opens up in the secret store to get it before it sells out. The problem is they charge the full $11.20 Maven price in the secret store, and promo codes do not apply.

If you wait it out a little, even the colors that sell out will usually return. It can take some time though (looking at you, March). As a Maven, I get free shipping with every order, so I could order the birthstone each month and call it a day. That is not my style though, because I live for a deal. Mavens get offer codes in each box (that I will always share with you here as long as Julep allows me to share it).

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