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Monthly Manicure Reviews Featuring Nail Polishes: Smith & Cult Dark Like Me, Julep Katie, Joni, and Nicola

My nail polish collection is large, and thanks to my Julep Maven subscription, I keep adding to it. That means Julep polishes represent my biggest percentage, but I own a lot of brands. Once a month, I will share all of my monthly manicures listing the polishes I used, how many coats of each I used, and how long each lasted. This should give me an opportunity to use my polishes more often and actually review them. Since my polish collection keeps growing rapidly, I am not going to list them all in one place. Swatches and descriptions of every polish I own go into an article listing all polishes in the same color family. Typing the name of the polish you want to see in the search bar will pull up its respective article if I own it. If you have any requests on polishes I own that you want reviewed, please list them in the comments. As long as the polish you want reviewed is close to the color or finish I am looking for when I paint, I will consider it.

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Nail Polish Swatches Purples

My nail polish collection is large. Polishes kept in good condition (away from heat or light) can last a long time, longer than the two years many people quote. A good thinner (I use Seche Vite) can also revive them. I have tossed polishes when thinner cannot save them or they have obviously gone bad, but it is rare. When I started collecting polishes again, I tossed all polishes older than the summer of 2013. To avoid ordering duplicates, I created a spreadsheet. Swatching them with these spoons I purchased from Amazon will help me compare the colors, finishes, and overall quality. All polishes only have one coat, because I wanted to spot the difference between my sheer and opaque polishes. We’ve all seen polishes that look dark in the bottle only to need 3-4 coats for opaqueness. No polishes have base or top coats either, because that can change the way the polish looks.

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Julep Sweet Steal Brown Eyed Girl, and the March 2015 Birthstone

The Sweet Steal is a daily deal offered by Julep. It is the place where you can get a specially curated set at a deep discount. If a steal is really good, do not sit on it. They sometimes sell out in the middle of the day. My Julep obsession is huge, so I check it several times a week. You are not generally notified of a new offer, but there is a new one available or sold out for the day almost every time I check.

I stalked the March birthstone daily for almost a month. In addition to the fact that I collect all the birthstones, March is my birth month. Plus, the polish color looked gorgeous. It was out of stock the first time I checked on 03/16/15. From that day until 04/14/15, I never saw it in stock.

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