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Nail Polish Swatches Purples

My nail polish collection is large. Polishes kept in good condition (away from heat or light) can last a long time, longer than the two years many people quote. A good thinner (I use Seche Vite) can also revive them. I have tossed polishes when thinner cannot save them or they have obviously gone bad, but it is rare. When I started collecting polishes again, I tossed all polishes older than the summer of 2013. To avoid ordering duplicates, I created a spreadsheet. Swatching them with these spoons I purchased from Amazon will help me compare the colors, finishes, and overall quality. All polishes only have one coat, because I wanted to spot the difference between my sheer and opaque polishes. We’ve all seen polishes that look dark in the bottle only to need 3-4 coats for opaqueness. No polishes have base or top coats either, because that can change the way the polish looks.

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Nails Featuring Polish Julep Becky

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For anyone who did not read the previous installments, I made a goal to paint my nails at least once a week this year.  Installment one went over my polish collection among other things.  Then, I embarked on the challenge in the next installment.  If you want to join my in the challenge, follow along here or you can visit the Beautytalk challenge.  Nail polish Saturday was born.  If you’re looking at the calendar, you realize it is Sunday.  No worries though, because I did paint them yesterday and just waited until today to share them.

Julep released a lovely new color named Becky.  Gwen (a BeauyTalk friend of mine) mentioned Becky looked similar to Blakely.  I had not yet used Blakely even though I owned her.  After discussing the two with Gwen, my first plan was to paint one hand in Becky and the other in Blakely to compare the two.  Once Becky started arriving for people, I noticed she was swatching differently than I had seen Becky swatch.  Fearing a mismatched manicure, Gwen suggested I do Blakely on the ring finger of each hand and Becky on the other fingers.  It was a great idea, so that is exactly what I did.

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