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Nail Polish Swatches Blues

My nail polish collection is large. Polishes kept in good condition (away from heat or light) can last a long time, longer than the two years many people quote. A … Continue Reading Nail Polish Swatches Blues

Julep January 2015 and Why all Julep Lovers Should Become Mavens

Julep items received in this post: Luxe Lip Treatment in Sheer Fig, Gel Eye Glider in Navy Smoke, Sandi, Topcoat Tilda, Glycolic Hand Scrub, Silk Effect Topcoat, Freedom Polymer Topcoat, Oxygen Topcoat, Mini Lipstick Belle, Mini Lipstick Jinx, Mini Lipstick Wink, Mini January, Mini Gretchen, Mini Zora, Mini Lena, Mini Freedom Polymer Topcoat and Mini Ally.

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