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Fabletics May 2015 Tree Islands

When I walked around my gym, I felt like I looked frumpy.  Some may think, it’s a gym, who cares what you look like?  The thing is it seems like most of the women in my gym do care what they look like when they work out.  I am not referring to the women who workout in full hair and makeup (which is another story altogether), but I am referring to those who actually wear quality workout gear.  Most of my workout gear was on the cheaper side, because I never put much thought into it.  After much consideration, I finally decided to put a little more effort into my gym clothes.

Fabletics provides quality workout gear for a decent discount over buying the similar items from sporting good stores.  They’re cute and high quality.  You can even get 50% off your first outfit making the first outfit an incredible deal too good to pass up.  I was happy to see that there was no wait.  I signed up in May, and my first choice was immediate.  As it turns out, I actually find workouts more comfortable in nicer attire, so that is an added bonus.  Of course, I like the way the outfits look on as much as I like the way they feel.

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