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Sephora VIB Rouge Only Closed Door Event Holiday 2018 Preview

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The first closed-door, VIB Rouge only event for 2018 took place at Sephora on Saturday, September 15th from 8:30am – 10am PST. This event gave Rouge members first access to the holiday launches. Most years have at least two closed-door events, so it is still possible we will get one with the VIB sale later this fall. This event was not as grand as some past closed-door events for a season preview, but it was still worth my time. Every event is different. Some stores provide the bare minimum while others go all out, so no two experiences will be the same. I recommend reading Inside a Sephora VIB Rouge Event for those who have never attended who are trying to decide if this event is worth their time.

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Ulta February 2018 Platinum Perk GWP Beauty Bag Review

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I track all Platinum Beauty Bag offers, but I also review the ones I redeem. This is a review of the February 2018 bag, which is still available for free to Platinum and Diamond members with a $150 online purchase. While the beauty bags include mostly deluxe samples, they do at times include full-size items and foils. There are no foils in this one, but there are 4 full-size items. Ulta claims this has a $276 value. Whenever there are errors in Ulta’s list (as there are here), I will only correct them in review articles (like this one). The tracking article will always have Ulta’s original list.

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General Ulta Beauty Bag Gift With Purchase Offers 2018

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Ulta releases so many beauty bags during the year that I split up the 2018 articles into General offers (those available to anyone), Diamond offers (those available to Diamond members, Platinum offers (those available to Platinum and Diamond members), Beauty Breaks, and Affiliate offers (those available to anyone who happens upon an affiliate post). There are also offers for individual gifts with any purchase. This article will cover the general offers. Others are linked above. These beauty bags are gifts with a minimum purchase. Although the shipping minimum goes off the final pre-tax total, the GWP minimum goes off the subtotal. That means if you find a coupon or discounted item that lowers the final total, it will also lower your GWP buy-in. Add the bag to your cart and it will show the purchase minimum as the cost for the bag.

The total for the bag will drop to zero once you have a qualifying purchase loaded into the cart so play around with it. If your cart should qualify but the total does not drop to zero, the offer expired. Ulta will give you the bag, but it will charge you the purchase minimum for the bag. This means a bag with a $60 purchase minimum will charge you $60 after the free offer expires no matter what other items are in your cart. Remember to remove the bag (for expired offers) before checking out or it will charge you. Any bag I redeem will include a link to the review next to the post. There are a number of brand specific gifts, but this only covers beauty bag offers that are available with any Ulta.com purchase.

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