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Sephora Favorites Trending: Beauty’s Most Coveted Set Review

No one puts favorites sets together like Sephora. They are one of my favorite things to buy, because I love sampling a lot of items that I get an incredible deal on. There is always a $75 Favorites kit released before the holidays that I consider the blockbuster. This year, that set is the Sephora Favorites Beauty’s Most Coveted set. It was out-of-stock very early into the Employee Appreciation sale, but it did come back in stock before that sale ended. I gave away my extra codes, so I decided to wait for the VIB Rouge Sale. When the sale started, it was still out-of-stock, but it did come back a day into the sale. Shortly after picking it up, it went out-of-stock again. The more popular sets tend to go in and out-of-stock a lot during these sales, but Sephora usually re-stocks them a few times. Sephora could re-stock this before the VIB sale or at least afterward for those thinking of gifting this set for Christmas (or getting a Christmas gift for themselves).

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Sephora VIB Rouge 20% Off Sale and In-Store Holiday Bag GWP

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The Sephora VIB Rouge 20% off sale started today. I’ve covered the info needed to shop this sale. If any of you are considering a trip to the store for the free bag with any purchase, I can confirm it is the same thin bag offered since 2014. Sephora calls this a shopping bag, but it is thicker than the average shopper bag. However, it is much thinner than the average reusable shopping bag. This free bag has not been available online since 2014. It is prettier than the design from last year. Like the Sample Clutch and the Mystery Sample Bag, this bag has gemstones. Unless a trip to the store is convenient for you, the bag alone is probably not worth the trip. It rips easily, but I do like these bags to store my empties. They stand upright and rarely fall over. By picking one up this year, I will have another back-up when my current one inevitably rips.

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