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Sephora VIB Rouge Only Closed Door Event Holiday 2018 Preview

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The first closed-door, VIB Rouge only event for 2018 took place at Sephora on Saturday, September 15th from 8:30am – 10am PST. This event gave Rouge members first access to the holiday launches. Most years have at least two closed-door events, so it is still possible we will get one with the VIB sale later this fall. This event was not as grand as some past closed-door events for a season preview, but it was still worth my time. Every event is different. Some stores provide the bare minimum while others go all out, so no two experiences will be the same. I recommend reading Inside a Sephora VIB Rouge Event for those who have never attended who are trying to decide if this event is worth their time.

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Sephora Play! Date Experience For Subscribers – Is it Worth Your Time?

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Sephora Play Dates happen once a month. It is an event for Sephora Play subscribers. When Sephora started the Play Dates, they were only in an extremely limited number of cities. April 2018 was the first time it was open in my city so I decided to attend. The concept sounds cool. You (and a guest if you choose to bring someone) go, get freebies and 50 bonus Insider points if you purchase anything, learn how to use the items in your box, and more. I’ve been to open door events and closed-door events and am happy to report this falls between the two but closer to a closed-door event. With an open door event, you pretty much get freebies (as long as you qualify) for shopping, but everything else is essentially the same as a regular shopping experience. A closed-door event also gives you freebies (as long as you qualify), but it usually comes with brand reps, snacks, and semi-private shopping time. Some closed-door events are more packed than shopping during regular hours in the store so I dislike calling it a private shopping event.

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