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Completing My Disney Reigning Beauty Mirror Collection and Why I Prefer Shopping Sephora Online

Almost a year after the release, I’ve finally completed my Disney Reining Beauty Mirror Collection. I started with Belle and Snow White the day they launched, 09/15/15. On 10/07/15, I purchased Cinderella. The Elsa and Anna mirror has been available online almost non-stop since the release. Aurora and Ariel proved elusive. My thoughts were I had the three I wanted most, so I would not get any more unless I was able to get them all. We went to Disneyland last weekend (where I purchased another special Disney compact I will share with you in a separate article within the next week). Of course, I visited the Sephora at Downtown Disney, because Disney is my favorite place and Sephora is a close second. That store just seems a little more magical than other Sephora stores, even though it is far from the best I’ve been to.

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