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A Foil a Day in February 2019 – Challenge to Use and Review the Beauty Packets Deal Shopper Collect

What do you do with all those foil packets you collect? Trying a foil is a great way to see if your skin reacts to the product, you cannot tolerate the smell, the consistency is annoying, or if there is anything about the product that bothers you. Sampling a foil and thinking you need to have that product in your life is rare, but it does happen. This is most likely to happen with products where you can see instant results. My plan is to try a foil of something new or something I have not used in a long time every day during a challenge month. To give my skin a break from constant new products, I will only complete foil challenges in even months. Feel free to take part in this challenge with me. If you are a fellow deal shopper, I bet you have a lot of foils stockpiled in your collection.

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Inside a Sephora VIB Rouge Event

See the latest VIB Rouge Event.

My favorite point multiplier is always the one good toward any purchase offered every year at the beginning of August. This is the kickoff to Beauty Insider Appreciation Week. The event gives 4x points to Rouge members, 3x points to VIB members, and 2x points to Beauty Insiders. I woke up with a terrible headache the day of the last Beauty Before Brunch event in April, so I missed Sephora’s Rouge Event for Chic Week. My sister and I had a decent time at the event hosted at Town Center last August, but I found the Summerlin November event lackluster. The biggest difference in the two events was we took part in services offered from brand reps who arrived in August, but I opted out in November. She partook in makeup from Smashbox and promptly bought some items. I partook in a mini facial from Ole Henriksen, and they got me as well. Maybe, I would partake again and see if it warmed me to the event.

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SAKS Fifth Avenue $50 off a $200 Beauty Purchase, and a Sample Filled Tote

February 18th started like any other day.  My beautiful niece, Sammy, had been in the hospital since the 16th.  Prior to the 16th no one knew anything was wrong with her.  She woke up with swollen limbs, and my sister rushed her to the hospital to find out why.  For two days, the doctors told my sister that her daughter’s heart condition was beyond repair.  From one hospital to the next, my sister was in search of a better trained hospital and a more favorable prognosis.

Every time my sister told me there was no hope, I refused to believe it.  Some might say I was in denial.  After all, she was healthy or so I thought.  I prayed constantly and asked my friends to do the same.  There were leagues of people praying for one little girl to overcome her ailments.

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