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Ulta 5x Points Offers on Specific Brands, Products, or Services for 2017

See 2018 Offers.

I track all Ulta offers, and this article will cover all 5x Points offers for specific brands, products, and services for 2017. There will be a separate article for 5x points on anything offers (and I will link it here after I see the first universal offer of 2017). As soon as I see specific 5x points offers, I will update this article. It could be a large post by the end of the year depending on how generous Ulta is. Most 5x points offers are targeted and must be activated. You can activate the offer directly from the email Ulta sends.

If you are having issues with email, check the Rewards section in your Account. There are times when offers you did not receive emails on are sitting in your account waiting for activation. Contact Ulta if you are an active shopper who got skipped for more than five offers in a row. This could signify a problem on your account. I’ve never been excluded from more than 3-4 in a row. Offers that are available for everyone still need activation (through email, the main Ulta page, or your account section). Unless otherwise specified, all offers below are targeted. You will not get the point multiplier unless you received the offer.

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Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Spring 2016 03/13/16 through 04/02/16

The Fall 2016 Event

All calendars (online, in-store, and Ulta brand) are available below. All steals are shipping free for Platinum members. The minimum for everyone else is back to the $50 minimum. I love the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty. Twice a year, usually starting in March and September, Ulta has a 21 day sale where select brands or items are deeply discounted for one day only. The spring event (which is usually more impressive that the fall event) will run from 03/13/16 through 04/02/16. The second 20% prestige coupon should arrive shortly after this sale wraps, which would be on 04/03/16 if it followed the same pattern as last year. The January 2016 20% off prestige offer did not follow the 2014 and 2015 pattern though. These deals come from the upcoming catalog, and the special event page online that is updated now.

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February 2015 Empties

It’s the beginning of the month. That means it is time to review empties.  Okay, these empties are from February, but I will eventually get caught up and have more timely reviews.  This was actually a rough month for me, so looking over the items that got me through it is actually a little weirdly satisfying.  Have you tried any of these items?  What are your thoughts on them?

I will give you a mini review on each item. I’ll tell you the items I love and will repurchase. If I like or am indifferent to an item, I will not rush out to repurchase, but I would be willing to use or try it again. Lastly, I will present the items that are not for me. Generally, I will not use these any more in the future. If they’re really awful to me, I always hope I can find someone else who may actually like them. Thus, I will try to find someone to give duplicates to. For the items that I really love, I will do a separate product spotlight on them at some point to discuss them in more detail.

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