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Influensters Test Dessange Hair Care. Have You Joined Yet?

Some of you may have read or heard about Influenster.  If you have not, you can read my overview here.  The only thing better than getting a great deal and trying new things is trying new things for free.  Influenster always sends completely free items, so everything I received here was free.

Wen is my usual hair product and as you may know, I love it.  It is a cleansing conditioner, so it does not clean the same way a shampoo does.  Read more about how Wen cleans here.  I do tend to use other shampoos occasionally when I am in a hurry (Wen takes time) or I just want a deep clean.  Whenever I receive shampoos, I am not overly excited.  My hair tends to feel like straw on a Wen off day whereas it feels like silk on a Wen day.

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