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Ulta 20% Off Prestige, a Beauty Break, and Lipstick Queen Let Them Eat Cake At Last!

See the 2019 20% off Prestige Coupon Offers.

Ulta releases 20% off prestige coupons to UltaMate members five times a year: late January, early April, Platinum members in late June 2016, early July for UltaMate, late July for Platinum members (this is the normal time but members who received them in June did not receive the July offer), late October, and Mid December. The July offer was reduced to 10% for non Platinum members in 2015 and 2016. In 2016, the early April offer was also reduced to 10% for non Platinum members. During this promotion, select UltaMate members receive a coupon for $15 off a $50 purchase if they have not shopped in a long time. Each unique coupon is eligible for one online purchase AND one in-store purchase. Coupons emailed have a different code than coupons mailed. If you receive a coupon from both methods, you will have two different online codes and two different in-store bar codes.

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Free Sephora Gift Cards with Every Beauty Insider Account

Every year Sephora awards Beauty Insiders with gift cards. It almost always starts at the beginning of December. These are similar to actual gift cards, but they do have a purchase minimum of $50. Beauty Insiders get $15, VIB clients get $20, and Rouge Clients get $25. If you keep your purchase right at $50, the discounts come in at 30%, 40%, and 50% respectively. The best part is you enter the number into gift card field, so you can redeem the promo code of your choice. That makes this offer better than straight discount codes that you fill into the promo code box. It is the single best deal of the year at Sephora.

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Sephora Cyber Weekend Mystery Sample Bag (Surprise Bag) SURPRIS3

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Who does not love mystery samples! Okay, I know some people do not or more people would have Subscription Boxes. I have a love/hate relationship with mystery samples. Sometimes I find gems I never would have picked if I got to choose. Other times, I get the leftovers no one wanted. After passing on the last Sephora Cyber Weekend Mystery Sample Bag, I decided to partake this year. The bags will be available until stock inventory runs out, but they are available now using promo code SURPRIS3 with a $25 purchase.

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