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Birchbox Man Final Point Redemption

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There was a 20% off code, WELCOMEOFFER20, still working on my husband’s account. He only purchased from the store one other time, so he has not redeemed many codes. Birchbox deactivated the others, because I could not get any to work. My husband told me he wanted to cancel his subscription in July but forgot. When he told me he wanted to cancel after August, I decided not to let him forget again. As soon as I confirmed he did his final reviews for the last 50 points he will ever do on the account, I logged into his account and canceled for him! The problem is after I canceled, the 20% off code stopped working. It made me wonder if the codes are only for subscribers. COMEBACK15OFF for 15% off still works, but he was getting 20% before I canceled his subscription.

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