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Birchbox The Hair Detox Kit 2.0 Review

By Kimberly

My Birchbox The Hair Detox Kit 2.0 Review is ready. I purchased this when it was 50% off, and it is currently only 20% off. While I wish I could have gotten this up when it was still 50% off, I figure Birchbox will eventually lower it again. Birchbox puts out a lot of high-quality Discovery Kits. These are smaller versions of the Limited Edition Boxes and typically come in a clear TSA approved travel bag. A discovery kit is a themed bag with multiple brands curated by Birchbox. Some discovery kits, particularly the ones with all samples, are not worth purchasing. Of course, I usually buy them for hard to get items I really want to try or already love. As long as the value of the items I am keeping exceeds the amount I am paying, I will usually purchase the kit. Others are more than worth it.

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