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Ulta Beauty 21 Days of Beauty Spring 2018 March 18th Through April 7th

See the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Spring 2019 and all 2019 Ulta Beauty Promotions, Deals, Coupons, GWP, Sales, and Events.

The Ulta Beauty Spring 2018 21 Days of Beauty will run from March 18th through April 7th. Twice a year, usually starting in March and September, Ulta has a 21 day sale where select brands or items get discounted up to 50% off for one day only. Every day during the semi-annual event there are at least two beauty steals. There are also Hot Buys that run throughout the entire event. Most events also release Beauty Samplers, Try Me Kits. Spring tends to get the better steals. These deals come from the upcoming catalog, and the online link from the special event page. Deals listed in the printed catalog are in-store and online. All online exclusive deals are only listed online. All Steals ship free for Platinum and Diamond members. They ship free with a $50 purchase for UltaMate members.  Continue reading


Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Spring 2016 03/13/16 through 04/02/16

The Fall 2016 Event

All calendars (online, in-store, and Ulta brand) are available below. All steals are shipping free for Platinum members. The minimum for everyone else is back to the $50 minimum. I love the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty. Twice a year, usually starting in March and September, Ulta has a 21 day sale where select brands or items are deeply discounted for one day only. The spring event (which is usually more impressive that the fall event) will run from 03/13/16 through 04/02/16. The second 20% prestige coupon should arrive shortly after this sale wraps, which would be on 04/03/16 if it followed the same pattern as last year. The January 2016 20% off prestige offer did not follow the 2014 and 2015 pattern though. These deals come from the upcoming catalog, and the special event page online that is updated now.

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Beauty Birthday Offer Ulta

The 20162017, 2018, and 2019 birthday gift articles are up.

There are so many retailers with fabulous birthday offers. Do not forget to check the birthday offers before your big day arrives. When I learn of a new offer or a change in offers, I update it. Even though I was not really shopping around my birthday, because life in general got in the way, there were a few Birthday gifts I had to pick up. The second one, from Ulta, was another completely free one. It can only be picked up in store.

I give my birthdate upon retailer request. On 03/01/15, offers started coming in. They continued to roll in throughout March with most of them arriving on my actual birthday, March 15th. Remember to save some of your birthday shopping budget for your actual birthday, because so many offers will not come in until then. For the retailers who send the offers after your birthday, they seriously need to step up their game. As I mention on the birthday offer page, some offers are general. Others are unique. If you try to redeem before you get your own unique code, it will not work. Also, check the main retailer page before placing your orders, because the birthday offers are not always the best available offers.

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Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Shopping Plan

The Fall 2016 Event

I love the Ulta Days of Beauty.  Twice a year, usually starting in March and September, Ulta has a 21 day sale where select brands or items are deeply discounted for one day only.  During the Spring 2014 sale, I went a little overboard buying things.  Spring 2015 went better.  It helped that the sale this year was not as impressive as last, but there were still some great deals.  There are also 21 day Love Your Hair Events twice a year, which I will cover later.  Check all offers on the special event page.

I highly recommend studying the brochure, which is posted online before the sale.  UltaMate members should also get a physical copy in the mail.  It is a good idea to plan your purchases ahead of time, so you are ready to strike the moment the deal releases.  Ulta runs on Central time, so daily steals are available right at 10pm PST.  That usually means steals from the previous day disappear at 10pm, so do not plan to place an order right before bed time if you’re on the West Coast.  While the deals have run a little over, Ulta has also cut them off right on time.  Some deals sell out quickly, so waiting may not work anyway.  The best deals are usually gone when you wake up in the morning from people who started shopping right as the day switched over.

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