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See the shopathome Pay To Shop information I’ve gathered and tracked along the way for you to get the best deal with shopathome every time you shop.

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Shop With shopathome It pays you a specified percentage or flat rate of your subtotal with an affiliated retailer. You must select the retailer through the sopathome site for the cookie (tracking link) on the shopping trip to activate.

Install the Savings Button. This lets ShopatHome search for deals even when you forget. It is an extension.

About shopathome

Get paid to shop online. Shopathome pays you a percentage of your subtotal any time you shop with an affiliated store.  

Add the stores you love to shop at in your favorites. Your special emails (as long as you’re subscribed to them) will be more focused around your favorites. Subscribe to Discover Great Deals emails.

Receive occasional targeted offers for triple cash back at stores you’ve shopped through shopathome in the past. You must use the link from the email to get the offer, so do not delete the email until after you’ve shopped the retailer and received credit.

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Important Tip

It is important to note that ShopatHome scrutinizes claims more than other Pay-to-Shop Programs. I’ve had clicks denied when using discount codes found outside the site, so I suggest always using another Pay to Shop Program when they are not listing your promotion code. If you find a code elsewhere and still get paid by ShopatHome, consider yourself lucky. After three denied claims, I’ve learned to stop trying.

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Compare Offers With Other Pay To Shop Programs

Remember to check competitors before shopping to ensure you are getting the best rate back. Sometimes Mrrebates has the best rate. Use it when it does. If it does not, use another program.

-Remember to check competitors before shopping to ensure you are getting the best rate back: ebates, Mrrebates, ShopatHome, Swagbucks, and TopCashBack.

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