Sephora Deals

See the best Sephora Deals and Sephora Sales (at the bottom of the page) that I’ve chosen to feature and all the information I’ve gathered and tracked along the way for you to get the best deal at Sephora every time you shop. Read articles I’ve linked below to learn more about your topic of interest: Tips For Getting the Best Deal at Sephora, 2019 Point Multipliers, 2019 Hot Beauty Deals2019 Sephora Drunk Elephant Birthday Gift ReviewSephora Favorites Luxury KitFenty Beauty Free Mini Makeover2019 Daily Wow2019 Sephora Kat Von D Birthday Gift Review, 2019 Sephora Milk Makeup Birthday Gift Review, Sephora Vs Ulta: A Comparison, 2019 Sephora Favorites Sun Safety Kit, 2019 Sephora Jo Malone Birthday Gift, 2019 Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine Lip Set, 2019 Sephora Spring Bonus Discount, Because It’s Been a While OffersSephora Beauty Insider Sweeps2019 Sephora Summer Bonus2019 Labor Day SaleSeptember Daily DealsVIB Rouge Private Event Holiday Preview 2019Beauty Insider Shelter From the Storm Umbrella, Play! by Sephora all Must-Haves PLAY! Box Review, Beauty Insider Sweeps, Holy Sheet Mask & Self Care Set ReviewHoliday Bonus 2019Sephora Favorites The Next Big ThingSephora Collection Mask Sets, Sephora Favorites 2019 Superstars, 2019 Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip, 2019 Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday Deals2019 Holiday Hooray, 2019/2020 Sale on Sale, 2020 Sales Calendar, 2020 Birthday Gifts, Sephora Points 2020, 2020 Sephora Rewards Bazaar, 2020 Beauty Insider Promotions, 2020 Rewards Bazaar Small Perks, 2020 Sample Bags, 2020 VIB Rouge Exclusive Promotions, and 2020 VIB Exclusive Promotions.

I’ve separated Sephora posts from the articles regarding Beautytalk and Beauty Insider Community Gifts: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels, Formula X, Chat with Dr, Murad & Dr. Gross, Chat with Drybar and Bumble and Bumble, Madam C.J. Walker Winner, Ole Henriksen Power BrightTom Ford Lips & Boys, Gucci, STELLAR, Tom Ford, and Too FacedOrigins Limited Edition Mask Contest Dragon Fruit Versus Ginger KombuchaSol de Janeiro, Too Faced, Ouai, Replica, hush, and Juliette Has a Gun, and Super Star Gift Review., Inc. Free shipping with a $50 purchase. Free shipping is free for Rouge members through 2020 and Flash customers. Flash shipping is $15 for everyone else who signs up. Two free samples with every order.

Sephora Play Subscription Box

I’ve been subscribed to Sephora Play since the national launch. Because I have a page for Sephora Play, I do not post anything about the subscription here.

Sephora Beauty Insider Rewards Program Details

Sign up for the Beauty Insider Program for points and exclusive offers. Points will only expire if your account remains untouched for 12 months. Since even redeeming the free birthday gift records a transaction on the account, most people should have some activity to keep points active.

Become a Seephora Beauty Insider Member

Immediate entry upon signing up. Remain at this tier with no minimum spend. Anyone who joins the Beauty Insider Program earns 1 point per dollar spent, a free birthday gift, point multipliers (during promotions), 10% off during the April, and November sale, special BI events, free beauty classes with select purchases, a $15 off $75 promo code for Christmas, special promotion codes for BI clients, access to certain items before the public, and more. See 2020 Beauty Insider Promotions.

How Do I Become A Sephora VIB Member?

-Spend $350 a year to reach VIB and get: 1.25 points per dollar spent, all perks BI clients get, an extra birthday gift choice, select full-size products from the Rewards Bazaar, 15% off during the April, August, and November VIB sale, increased point multipliers over BI clients (during select promotions), special VIB events, an extra $5 off ($20 total) the BI Christmas promo amount, special promotion codes for VIB clients, access to certain items before BI clients, and more. See 2020 VIB Promotions.

How Do I Become a Sephora VIB Rouge Member?

-Spend $1000 a year to reach Rouge and get: 1.5 points per dollar spent, all the perks BI clients get, all perks VIB clients get, 20% off during the April, August, and November sale, a chance to redeem 2500 points for a $100 gift card, access to Rouge Only products, free shipping on every order through 2020, special Rouge events, increased point multipliers over VIB clients (during select promotions), an extra $5 off ($25 total) the VIB Christmas promo amount, special promotion codes for Rouge clients, access to certain items before VIB clients, and more. Read articles about VIB Rouge events. See 2020 VIB Rouge Promotions

How Does Sephora Loves List Work?

I add items that interest me to my Loves List, so I can purchase them later. This is really helpful when there are no promotions worthwhile at Sephora and you are willing to wait for the item you want. Whenever a great promotion opens up, I grab the thing I want the most from my Loves List. That way I am not clamoring to find something when a hot promotion starts or forget about the item I want until after the promotion passes. It also helps track things that are out-of-stock. You can also leave your email address on an out-of-stock item to get a notification when it returns, but there are times you will see it pop back up in your Loves List before you get an in-stock email.

Sephora Deals Shopping Checklist

The sections I like the most on the Sephora site are Sephora ExclusivesSephora Favorites, Rewards Bazaar, and Value Sets, but I never make a purchase without checking the Sale items, and the Beauty Deals. I want to maximize my deal. Checking those every time you shop is a great idea.

How Do I Get The Best Sephora Deals?

If you want more detail on anything I’ve discussed here, read Tips For Getting the Best Sephora Deals.

Sephora Deals and Sephora Sales Calendar

I track all major promotions. The timeline will link you to each article (if you want more details) and show you when it came in the past, so you have an idea of when to expect it in the future.

Sephora Deals that Repeat Schedule

Shop Sale items.

New perks release in the Rewards Bazaar every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-5pm PST. Read tips for the program. See 2020 Rewards Bazaar Point Perks for 50-600 and 750+.

View Sephora’s 2020 birthday offer and all other birthday offers.

Sephora Promo Code Rules and Removing Expired Ones

If you spend a minimum of $25, you can always add a promotion code. Unless otherwise specified, all codes below are online only. Some codes require a higher purchase amount or a higher rewards tier to redeem, but the requirements are always in the fine print. You can choose the one you list best from the Sephora Promo Code List, My Promo Code List (below), and any in your emails. Sephora does not release expiration dates on product promo codes, because every offer is available while supplies last. Select promo codes are multiple use and others are one-time use. Whenever I redeem a one-time use promo code, I get a pop up message that I already redeemed it. That means, I cannot always see when they expire. If you see an expired offer below, let me know. Otherwise, only my Beauty Insider, VIB, and Rouge codes articles should show past (expired) offers.

Sephora added the ability to redeem a Rouge reward (a $100 gift card code from the Rewards Bazaar) with a promo code on January 16th. So far, this is the only promo code that combines with any other, but I am hoping this is just a step toward allowing us to get products with discounts in the future.

Sephora Deals

Sephora lists some deals I do not via its Beauty Deals link, and I list some deals it does not in my Active and Upcoming Deals section below. This is mainly because it posts a lot of deals that do not interest me and never posts the VIB and Rouge exclusives that do. If you do not see any offers you like below, check Sephora’s link to see if any of the ones I do not list interest you., Inc.

Active and Upcoming Sephora Deals and Sephora Sales

-The $88 Red Envelope Promo For Canadian Beauty Insiders Only. Read more details in its article. Promo 01/02/20!

-Use code CYBERBAG to receive a mystery bag with 10 foil packets.

-Use code DEWY for a 0.17oz Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream with a $35 purchase.

-Use code FOUNDMINE to select 3 samples with a $50 purchase, or 5 trial sizes with a $75 purchase.

-Use code STRESSFREE for an 11-piece foil sample bag with a $35 purchase.

-Use code SURPRISEME to choose a deluxe sample with a $25 purchase.

-VIB and Rouge members- Use code VIBALTERNA for a 0.85oz Caviar Anti-Aging Restructuring Bond Repair Leave-In Heat Protection Spray with a $35 purchase.

-VIB and Rouge members- Use code VIBCHAMP for two deluxe samples from Perricone MD: a 0.25oz Face Finishing Moisturizer, and a 0.13oz Hypoallergenic Eye Cream with a $35 purchase.

-VIB and Rouge members- Use code VIBTINGLY for a 0.34oz tarte Knockout Tingling Treatment, and a 0.25oz Deep Dive Cleansing Gel Rainforest of the Sea with a $35 purchase.

-Use code YOUCHOOSE for 3 samples with a $50 purchase.

-Use code YOURGIFT for your choice of a special deluxe sample with a $25 purchase. (This is a recycling code so there may be times when nothing is attached).

What are your thoughts on these Sephora Deals and Sephora Sales? Let me know below. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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