I will always mention anything received gratis for review purposes in the article. If it is not mentioned, that means I purchased the item(s). This is a deals website, so I will usually go over the items and explain the deal I received on them. The whole purpose is to get the best deal on quality items, so discussion is important.

Certain links may have an affiliate, referral, or Amazon Associate program in place. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Purchasing from affiliate or referral links may give me a commission or credit, but it does not increase the price you pay for the item. At times, I use a Pay to Shop link for a retailer. That does not mean that particular link has the best cash back rate at the time as I do not change links often. A linked Pay to Shop program indicates I do not have affiliation with the retailer, and I am linking a known affiliate. If there are no known affiliates, I will link directly to the retailer’s site.

If a Pay To Shop link opens that you do not plan on using, look over the offers before exiting. Affiliates sometimes get exclusive offers I may not see. If I see the offers, I will add them, but affiliate offers are constantly updated meaning I may not catch them all. I highly recommend joining multiple Pay to Shop Programs if you have not already, so you get the highest possible percentage of your purchase back. Plus, some programs carry retailers not covered by others.

I check offers often and find some not listed on Pay to Shop programs. The fine print in some Pay to Shop Programs says you must use an offer from its site to qualify for the percentage back. Smaller orders (less than around $300) tend to get automatically approved by most programs without checking codes, but large dollar orders are usually reviewed. ShopatHome reviews almost all orders and ebates reviews the least. If there is any chance a code you found outside a Pay to Shop program will negate your percentage back, decide whether the code or the cash back will be more valuable.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.47.17 PM

No affiliate or referral program will affect my promotion. If I am promoting a retailer on my site, it is because I believe in or have good experiences with the retailer. I have and will continue to refrain from promoting sites I do not believe in. Reviews will always be mine, and I will refuse any promotions that do not allow me to speak freely or support the vision.

All comments need my approval before they get posted. I do not filter critiques of myself or opinions that disagree with mine if they are not offensive. Discussion is important to me, so I encourage dissenting opinions as much as I encourage confirmations. If you posted a non-offensive comment without an outside link, it should appear within 24 hours. It may take longer than that if I am traveling or taking a break from the blog. My comment filters are strict. These filters usually place comments with links, form letters (writing that is used to spam websites, which typically include links anyway), or offensive language into my spam folder. Comments placed in my spam folder do not get reviewed by me.

Links that slip through my spam filter are manually removed if I choose to approve the rest of the comment. I am not sorting through links in comments to see which are appropriate and which are not, because one inappropriate click is one too many. Yes, I checked links in the beginning and happened upon things I cannot un-see. Your profile will automatically link back to your blog (if you have one and add it with your sign-in). People can click on your blog link (from your name) if they choose. Outside blog links in profiles are allowed, and I do not verify them to see if they are appropriate blogs. Click on these at your own risk.

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2 thoughts on “Disclosure

  1. Makeupobesessed

    Hey Kim, it’s good to see u blogging again. Have u checked out Retail me nots new cash back program? I like it better, straight dollars amounts vs percentages, many times end up being the better deal and they have stores Ebates doesn’t have!!!


  2. notcreative Post author

    Hello, Jamie. While I am not a fan of having too many programs at once (ebates is just one of four I carry), I will look into it. Please email your referral link (dealstoogoodtopassup@gmail.com) so you can get credit if I decide to sign up. I hope you are well.


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