Birchbox Historical Offers

Birchbox deactivated codes and changed the way it handled offers in February and March 2016. It also eliminated monthly review points in July 2016. I wanted to keep this page as a place to view historical offers (and to pull them if any go back to the way things were). If you are looking for current offers, visit the Birchbox Page. Subscription Deals for Women and Men are on separate pages. Free shipping with a $50 purchase. Aces get free shipping on everything. Other select items have free shipping, including any items offered as a sample choice within the month of the purchase (whether you sampled it or not).

Birchbox Women

Sign up for emails to receive an offer WELCOME10 for 10% off a $35 purchase (see below to see if you can do better).

Prior to 07/11/16, Subscribers earned 10 points per review for items in their subscription boxes. Earned a point for every dollar spent. Redeemed 100 points for a $10 credit. Points expired in one year. Used points toward: anything in the store, annual subscription enrollment, or gift subscriptions. Earned 500 points to become an Ace. All points other than “I’m sorry” points count toward status, so bonus point offers will count! The main perks for a non subscription holder is free shipping on every order and special offers available for Aces. Prior to February 2016 online March 2016 in the app, subscribers could share their boxes on social media for 10 points.

-Add a 2 piece female Mystery Sample Pack or male Mystery Sample Pack to your order from the bonus shop with a $35 purchase. No code required. Just click the add to cart button. This can be combined with any code!

-Important tips: Birchbox codes can only be used one time per account. Discount codes never went away before, but Birchbox seems to have deactivated many of these between February and March. They do return them at times, but expiration dates which never mattered before do now. If a “new” code will not work for you, there is a chance you’ve used it in the past or it was deactivated. Discount codes do not work on subscription purchases. Look for free product or point offers on those. Certain codes only worked in the second half of the month, so they did not always work in the beginning of the month. Bonus point codes tend to recycle, so I do not remove them when the latest expiration passes. They will return at some point, and it is not always the second half of the month.

-Use code BBSHOP for free shipping.

-Use code BBJETBLUE15 for 15% off a $50 purchase.

-Use code COMEBACK15OFF or FIRST15OFF for 15% a $35 purchase.

-Use code WELCOMEOFFER20 for 20% off a $25 purchase.

-Use code COMEBACK20, COMEBACK20OFFFIRST20OFFMOBILE20, TAKEALEAP20, or TAKEOFF20 for 20% off a $35 purchase.

-Use code TAKEOFF10 for $10 off a $50 purchase.

-Use code BIRTHDAY (must be near your birthday) for $10 off a $50 purchase.

-Use code BUY35EXTRA50 or SHOPANYTHING50 for 50 bonus points on a $35 purchase. Recycles.

-Aces use code ACESEXTRA75 or SHOPANYTHING75 for 75 bonus points with a $35 purchase. Recycles.

-Known Subscription Box milestone codes. These will only work once you’ve reached the milestone on an active subscription and usually expire at the end of the month following that box. I received a code from Birchbox for my 2 year anniversary after my January 2016 box. July 2016 was my 30th box, but I never received an offer. It is possible these may not return.

-Use code WELCOME20 for 20% off your first order with a $25 minimum purchase. Eligible right after subscribing for anything in the full price shop if you have not purchased anything from the shop yet.

-Use code 3MONTHS20 or DIVEIN20 for 20% off with a $35 purchase. Eligible after your 3rd box.

-Use code 3MONTHMAN for 20% off with a $25 purchase. Eligible after your 3rd box with a Man’s Subscription.

-Use code 6MONTHS20 for 20% off with a $35 purchase. Eligible after your 6th box.

-Use code 9MONTHS20 for 20% off with a $35 purchase. Eligible after your 9th box.

-Use code 12MONTHMAN for 20% off a $35 purchase on a man’s subscription. Eligible after your 12th box.

-Use code ALLACES for $15 off a select purchase. You will get a link for the Ace shop. Eligible after your one year anniversary of becoming an Ace.

-Use code 13MONTHS25 for 25% off your store purchase. Eligible after your 13th box.

-Use code BEAUTYMAVEN or SWEET16 for 25% off a $35 purchase. Eligible after your 16th box.

-Use code 21ANDCOUNTING or TAKE21OFF for 21% off a $35 purchase. Eligible after your 21st box.

-Use code 2YEARLOVE for 25% off a $35 purchase. Eligible after your second anniversary.

-Use code DIRTY30 for 30% off a $35 purchase. Eligible after your 30th box.

-Use code SPECIAL34 for 25% off a $35 purchase. Eligible after your 34th box.

-Use code 40STRONG for 20% off a $35 purchase or BESTDAYEVER for 25% off a $35 purchase. Eligible after your 40th box.

-The three points codes that always worked with subscription purchases do not seem to work anymore either. These were long-standing codes.

-Use code SUBSCRIBENOW50 for a 50 point bonus on a subscription for yourself or a gift subscription for a friend.

-Use code GIFTEXTEND50 for a 50 point bonus on a gift subscription. Designed to extend gifts, but it works on new ones.

-Use code BBJETBLUE10 for a 100 point bonus on a subscription for yourself or a gift subscription for a friend.

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