Free Beauty Samples 2021

Free Beauty Samples 2021

The following sites offer regular free beauty samples 2021. You can get non-beauty samples as well. While they may not be available every time you check, offers do appear. Some are membership sites where you do surveys and reviews to qualify for items. If there are readily available free beauty samples 2021 that I am aware of, they will be listed here at the top of the screen and on the front page.

Free Beauty Sample Articles

Read articles I’ve linked below to learn more about the Free Beauty Samples topic of your choice. These are all the general articles. All years are covered below, not just Free Beauty Samples 2020. You can also read articles from specific free beauty sites under their links below.

Allure Beauty Enthusiasts

Read articles regarding Allure Beauty Enthusiasts.

Get free trial products of beauty products to review. Give feedback in a short follow-up survey and film a video that is less than 3 minutes. There are also exclusive discounts, pre-sales, Sweepstakes and more to take part in. There are studies and quick polls you can take part in as well. Active members are more likely to test products.

Allure Free Stuff

Read articles regarding Allure Free Stuff

There may be large lags with no offers. Then, they may have daily offers. An option to join the magazine will pop up with every offer. A specified number of winners, usually 500, will be announced. The first 500 to enter in that case will win. If your entry will not submit, refresh the screen and try again.


Read articles regarding Brandbacker.

A community open to social media influencers. People who actively post product reviews on: blogs, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook apply for campaigns they want to participate in. Applying is an easy process that takes less than a minute. Brands review the user’s profile and social reach to determine if the member is a good fit for the campaign.

In exchange for free products, reviewers share their thoughts with their social networks. The only caveat is brands get to review posts before they go live, so articles on products that do not perform could be killed before the article even gets published. If a brand kills my article for an unfavorable review, I will not work with that brand in the future.


Read articles regarding BzzAgent.

There are over 1 million BzzAgents in the US, Canada and the UK. An international network of consumers who take part in word-of-mouth campaigns for a variety of products and services. It is a membership program that gives subscribers free products to try. After trying the free products, members review and share their experiences with the campaigns to qualify for future campaigns. Short surveys will appear in your profile. Complete them to see if there are any new campaigns available. MyPoints offers are no longer available to BzzAgent members as of 03/09/18.


Read articles regarding Crowdtap.

A place where consumers and brands collaborate to: share opinions, ideas, and market through social sharing. This company has a two-part reward system. Those who earn a specified number of points get a reward. There are opportunities to team up with brands to test products in exchange for reviews. Successful completion of brand missions get points, which in turn helps tappers get more rewards.


Read articles regarding DAILY GOODIE BOX

Consumers with a social reach can get a free box of goodies in exchange for reviews on the products. Reviwers are encouraged to social share and write reviews on the brand’s Facebook wall. Members must review each item and the overall box on the DAILYGOODIEBOX site for future eligibility. Items requiring review are listed in the online profile.


Read articles regarding Influesnter.

Gives free trial products of everything from beauty products to household items. To qualify for programs, you fill out quick product surveys. Once you’ve qualified, products are mailed to you. Try them and tell people what you think. Share your opinion on social media. Then, complete a short exit survey and review the product.

The more active you are the more programs you qualify for. Everything received from Influenster is free. Some virtual Voxboxes or multi product packages include coupons to redeem for the product. At times, the coupon will not cover the full amount, but you can opt out of any program that only offers discounts or does not interest you. Read my article about the program.

L’Oreal Consumer Testing

Read articles regarding L’Oreal Consumer Testing.

Fill out surveys to see if you qualify to participate in studies. Each study takes a limited number of people, so it can be very difficult to get selected. The good news is even if you are declined for a lot of studies, you usually know you will be declined within two minutes. You do not find out after a 45 minute survey that you do not qualify, so it gives you the patience to keep trying. Study participants test products under the Loreal Umbrella (Lancome, Shu Uemura, Kiehl’s and many more brands). They give feedback and even receive compensation for some studies on top of the free items to test.

P&G Everyday

Read articles regarding P&G Everyday

Order samples and print coupons.

Paula’s Choice Testing Panel

Read articles regarding Paula’s Choice Testing Panel.

Anyone can sign up to test Paula’s Choice products for free and give feedback. Panelists immediately fill out a short skin care profile. When Paula’s Choice needs a new item tested, profiles are reviewed. A short survey determines whether the panelist moves forward. Those who do take part in the test fill out an exit survey by the deadline. Successfully complete one test to qualify for more.


Read articles regarding PINCHme.

Complete your profile where you answer questions about your household and shopping habits. On select Tuesdays at 9amPST when new free samples release, you can order any available that match up to your profile. The better samples tend to run out quickly, so log in as early as possible. Once you’ve tried the samples, you complete a short survey. As long as you complete your surveys in a timely manner, you are eligible to receive future samples.

Review Directory

Read articles regarding Review Directory.

A subsidiary of, which was founded in 2007 and has a database of over 1.5 million bloggers. Bloggers review products and services for free or at a deep discount in exchange for honest reviews. They are only required to give the reviews on the site the product comes from.

Sample Source

Read articles regarding Sample Source.

Provides free samples in exchange for your opinion. Register and fill out your profile. If samples suited to your profile become available, they will send you an email. Quantities are limited, so respond as soon as you get the email to make sure yours do not run out of stock. A few weeks after your samples arrive, you will get an email asking to review the products. The review is an exit survey that only has a few questions per product.


Read articles regarding SheSpeaks.

An online community powered by women. It inspires women to discover, influence and share products. The community connects you to other women with the same goals to exchange tips, advice, review, share deals, and join discussions through the community blog and forum. If something is hot or scoop is available, you can usually read about it here. In addition to connecting you to other influencers, there are a number of exclusive giveaways, parties, and free products to try. Once you try items, you review them and take an exit survey. Then, you’re eligible to try items in the future.


Read articles regarding Smiley360.

A free membership community. It consists of influential consumers who try products and experiences for free. Brands give their products to Smiley360 who matches them to qualified community members for testing. Based on past missions and your profile, Smiley360 will put place new mission opportunities right on your dashboard. Members are selected to take part in the mission if their short qualification surveys line up to what the study is looking for.

Target Free Samples

Read articles regarding Target Free Samples.

Free samples have been discontinued.

Walmart Free Samples

Read articles regarding Walmart Free Samples.

Samples are rare but available. There are always coupons. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see which three banners pop up. If you do not receive any samples, refresh the page a couple of times. The offers keep changing, so samples may be available. You will need to install the coupon printer to get coupons (unless you already installed it for

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