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FabFitFun Subscription Deals

FabFitFun- Free shipping on subscription boxes and add-ons. Free shipping with a $25 purchase on all items purchased from the shop (outside of the subscription).

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Subscription details are below, but for anyone looking to purchase items from the shop, it is important to note that many of these items are deeply discounted. These same items are not always on sale at other stores and while many are unknown or clearance items, a lot of them are not. Only subscribers can make purchases from the shop.

Subscription boxes include a mix of: beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness products. They are always full-sized, and the value of the box will always be over $200.

This is a quarterly subscription program. There is one box per season and some editor’s boxes available for separate purchase. All products and subscriptions are taxed. Annual subscriptions (4 boxes pre-paid up front with a $20 discount) are $179.99. The cost for the Seasonal subscription is $49.99 per box. Click here to get $10 off your first seasonal box. A $19.99 Starter Box, which has 3-4 items valued at over $100, is available to new members at $19.99. Those who select that box will begin a seasonal subscription receiving the full-size box three weeks later. I did not choose the starter box, and other new members do not have to either. New members get charged when they activate an account and receive either a box from the current season, a Welcome Box (if there are any available) or an editor’s box. Boxes ship within 10 days of billing. The next billing date is always before the new season starts, and you will get a reminder email. Annual subscribers (when the year is up), those with add-ons, Those with multiple choice options, Non-Continental US subscribers (HI/AK), Military addresses, Canadians, and Puerto Ricans get charged and shipped about 10 days sooner than seasonal subscribers who do not check any of those boxes.

Like most subscriptions, there is a beauty profile. While this profile will not affect items in current boxes, they use the profiles of the collective group to select items for future boxes. It is a good idea to fill it out and give your preferences a voice.

Add-ons are reduced priced items you can add to your subscription box shipment. They get charged about 10 days before shipping. This is also when your subscription box payment gets pulled (if you do not have pre-paid boxes). You will get an email when add-ons are available to you. Respond as quickly as possible, because the better add-ons get reserved early. There is always a chance people who reserve the add-ons will drop them just before the payment gets pulled so it never hurts to keep checking on an item you missed out on out. Once your group (Annual or Seasonal) enters the payment due date (whether you owe any payments or not), add-ons can no longer be selected. New members have 15 minutes from when they order their first box to select add-ons, but they will get a pop-up when you create the account to serve as a reminder.

Members with an annual subscription (Select Members) get early access to add-ons and the ability to customize the color and design of choice options. FabFitFun will email you when it is time to make your selection. Seasonal subscribers get choice options (starting with the second box), but they do not get to pick the color or design when applicable.

Subscribers get exclusive offers to outside retailers who have featured products in the box. Even with the offers, I’d suggest making sure the item you want to purchase is not being sold at FabFitFun. If it is, compare the prices and select the better deal.

FabFitFun tv has content about cooking, exercise, and lifestyle.

A magazine comes in every FabFitFun box, but there is also content online.

There is a community forum to discuss all things FabFitFun.

-Use code fffa2p6 or FAB10 for $10 off your first seasonal box.

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FabFitFun is having a Refer-a-Friend promotion from 03/07/18 through 03/27/18. The new subscriber gets $10 off (there is always an offer for $10 off somewhere so no one should ever pay full price for the first box or be urged to join sooner than ready to save the $10). Those who refer new subscribers get a mystery bundle worth $75 in their next box for the first friend and a $50 shopping credit for the next box for each friend after the first. That is a pretty cool perk given how much I got for $76 on this box. If you want to use my referral code, I appreciate it. All subscribers have a referral code so you can use yours to refer your friends, assuming you are already subscribed. Log in to your account and click on the person icon near the top right of the screen to find your referral code.

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