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Use the form below to privately contact Deals Too Good to Pass Up. You can also contact me via email at Leave a comment on any post or page if you wish to receive a public response. That is helpful when your question could potentially help others in the future.

Contact Important Information

Those wanting me to test a product can send a message or email with the details. If it interests me, I will respond. Since I cannot accept a gift without sending one in return, I will not accept anything from someone not looking for a review. Know that I appreciate you taking the time to read my content, and other than comments or emails on how I can help you find a deal, that is the only gift I want.

As long as the number stays reasonable, I will keep responding to constructive emails and messages. Trying to sell me something I am not interested in, asking me to test a product I am not interested in, or sending an email that I cannot help with will get no response. While I would love to politely decline everyone (so they are not assuming I did not see their message), I get too many of these requests already.

What Are Your Thoughts on Deals Too Good to Pass Up?

Let me know of there is anything I can do to improve your Deals Too Good to Pass Up reading experience or if you have any questions I did not cover. Thanks for stopping by. If you enjoy the content, I would appreciate it if you would consider subscribing to updates. The subscribing options are below on mobile or in the right column on a desktop. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

Deal or No Deal? What Do You Think?

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