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Cancel Culture and Why I Am Onboard to Try Almost Anything

Back when we only heard negative things about a few brands, I told myself I would never purchase from those brands. Then, Cancel Culture became a huge thing. The only thing more fun than watching a brand rise was watching it fall. I briefly touched on this in Fake and Dishonest Reviews, Undeclared Sponsorships, and Bias – How Do You Know Who to Trust? Scandals can come from companies you’d never expect them from. That is why I am not truly surprised with much I hear anymore. It is also why I am trying not to boycott brands off the actions of one individual, even if the individual is the brand owner and benefits the most from my purchase. It’s starting to seem like we’ll have nothing left to buy if we “cancel” a brand every time it sparks controversy.

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Giveaway Redrawn

It has officially been seven days since I drew the original Giveaway winner. She did not respond, so I had to draw again. There were 41 separate commenters (did not count subsequent comments from the same person) on the giveaway page, so the odds were 1 in 41 (assuming all are still subscribed). I am only checking subscriptions of the winner(s), so the odds could be better. The odds are now as low as 1 in 40.

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100 Followers Reached- Giveaway Awarded

The blog reached 100 followers yesterday. I really appreciate the support, especially from those who stayed subscribed, because I know I post more than the average blog. My giveaway (for blog followers who entered) has officially wrapped. To qualify, the person needed to follow the blog and comment from the same email address s/he followed with. There were 41 separate commenters (I triple checked those who commented more than once and only counted their first comment) meaning the odds were 1 in 41 at the highest. Thankfully, the first person I drew is still a blog follower, so I did not have to redraw or bother calculating the odds (by seeing who commented but it not following).

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DealsTooGoodtoPassUp The First Year

A year ago today I decided to create a space where I could share: my thoughts, endless tips (if you’ve read my articles from start to finish, you know what I mean), and most importantly the deals we all strive for. There were ups and downs, and it almost ended as soon as it started. I learned that blogs are a lot of work, so you have to unplug completely during a tragedy. Through all the work I put into each article and page, I wondered if anyone would find it helpful. When I received a comment or email through contact, I learned that some people did find it helpful and others were happy to help me. Some have my passion for deal sharing, most share my passion for deal hunting, and all share my passion for beauty products.

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