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Makeup Wasteland – Fall 2018 Declutter

When I run out of space to store things, I typically buy more storage solutions. I’ve decided I do not want to do that anymore. Spending money to store things I will never use is not something a proud deal shopper would typically agree with. As my current storage solutions fill up, I will go through each drawer that refuses to close and remove anything that I have not touched in years and have no desire to touch in the near future. If I have removed everything that fits into those categories and the drawers still won’t close, then I can buy some more storage. This is not a regular series, so it will not come on a certain schedule. My plan is to write an article anytime I have drawers that need decluttering. It gives me an opportunity to write a mini review on the products I am getting rid of instead of tossing them without a peep.

Other than reviews on empties, these are my favorite types of reviews. While my experience is different from yours, I like knowing why someone did not finish something, especially if it is something she purchased. Why was it so bad that she could not finish it? Did it expire really fast? Is it something that did not inspire the person? Could the person dislike it because something similar is a lot better. I could go on writing all the reasons I enjoy reading things like this, but you can see the reason beside each product I toss.

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