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Birchbox at Walgreens is here

Birchbox is coming to Walgreens! If you’re like me, you’ve been jealous of the people who can create their own Birchboxes via the Soho store or other pop-up locations that never seem to arrive to my neighborhood. Birchbox, if you are listening, please add this option to create our own Birchbox online! When I got this email, it was a complete surprise. Partnerships like this usually make industry news, and I never heard anything about this collaboration before today. A quick Google search shows the articles have gone up since 10/04/18, but I never saw them. While I love getting random things (where I get to pick out one sample in advance), I also love the idea of picking out all the things I will receive in my Birchbox.

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The Best 2018 Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday Beauty Sales and Deals

My favorite shopping event of the year is finally here. This weekend, which kicks before Thanksgiving with some retailers, provides some of the best deals we will see. Traditionally, this is the weekend where most retailers cross over from red to black, and they will do whatever it takes to earn your shopping dollars. Offers are competitive, because almost every retailer will have one. I will update this every time I see an incredible offer through Cyber Monday, so this list will grow over the week. My tastes might vary from yours, so make sure you sign up for emails from all of your favorite retailers. It is also a good idea to check multiple blogs and sites to see what each of them feel is worth mentioning this season. Most of these offers go out to all customers. Of course, there might be some affiliate exclusives or offers targeted to select customers. I am not listing any small offers, because this is the time of year when we can stretch our budget further by scoring just the right deal. Some big offers will not make the cut either, because I cannot list them all.

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Walgreens Beauty Enthusiasts Get a Free GWP Bag with a $20 Beauty or Personal Care Purchase

Beauty Enthusiasts at Walgreens get a number of perks for being a member, including 5,000 balance reward points for every $50 spent on beauty and personal care items. They also get access to a lot of other deals, including occasional free GWP Bags. It is important to note that while the contents of these bags always varies, Walgreens does not update the photo attached to the offer. This leaves many upset that they are not getting all the items in the photo. A good rule of thumb is the lower the buy-in, the less you will receive in value. To take advantage of these offers, you will need a Beauty Enthusiasts account. It is free to join. This is separate from a regular Walgreens account, but it will link to your Walgreens account once you’ve signed up. The beauty of this offer is it will load automatically as long as you sign into your account. If you happen to shop during an event, you will get the offer whether you know about it or not. That is the main reason I suggest all Walgreens shopper join.

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Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is the biggest sale day of the year. Traditionally, it is the day most stores cross from red (losing money) to black (making money). Most cross in style with more deals than we can ever partake in. Participating in the best deals once required you to venture out at 3am. Now, you can get a number of great deals from your house. Cyber Monday will bring deals of its own, but it is not always the case that the best Internet deals come out Monday. Many stores see the same sale both days (assuming inventory lasts through the weekend). Some sales are better on Black Friday, even online.

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