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Ulta Beauty 2019 Offers 2x Points for UltaMate, 3x Points for Platinum, and 4x Points for Diamond on Anything

The first 2019 offer at Ulta for 2x points on anything for Ultamate members, 3x points on anything for Platinum members, and 4x points on anything for Diamond members went out today. While there are a lot of Bonus Point Offers and point multipliers, this article will only go over this specific Bonus Points offer. Every time I see this 2x points, 3x points, 4x points promotion in 2019, I will update this article. See the 2018 2x points, 3x points, 4x points article to see when these offers went out last year. This promotion usually repeats at least five times a year, but we saw it six times in 2018. Since the first offer from 2018 lines up perfectly with the first offer this year, there is a good chance the pattern will continue.

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Ulta Beauty 3x Points for UltaMate, 4x Points for Platinum, and 5x Points for Diamond Members Offer

A new promotion for 3x points for UltaMate Rewards members, 4x points for Platinum members, and 5x points for Diamond members popped up today. Since this promotion has landed so late in 2018, I am going to place 2019 offers of the same type in this article and wait until 2020 to start the new one. Whenever a new promotion gets released, it is hard to say if it will repeat. We need a year of tracking at a minimum to start predicting patterns. Ulta also has 3x points UltaMate and 5x points Platinum and Diamond, which is similar. That offer existed before 2018 only it lumped Diamond and Platinum together for the first time this year. The most common offer is 2x Points UltaMate, 3x Points Platinum, and 4x Points Diamond, so this offer gives each tier an extra point per dollar.

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Ulta Beauty 2x UltaMate, 3x Platinum, and 4x Diamond Points on Anything for 2018

See the Ulta 2019 Bonus Points article for 2x points on anything for UltaMate, 3x points on anything for Platinum, and 4x points on anything for Diamond members, and all 2019 Ulta Beauty Promotions, Deals, Coupons, GWP, Sales, and Events.

I love reading blogs, but bloggers sometimes spread misinformation. A while back, I happened upon a blog talking about Ulta Point Multipliers. The blog mentioned Ulta has done lots of promotions, including 4x points. Prior to 03/11/18, I can say with certainty Ulta had never done a 4x points promotion. That officially changed today. After the Diamond Tier launched in 2018, Ulta decided to add a 4x points offer to its usual 2x UltaMate points and 3x Platinum points offers. This is the first time in 2018 we’ve seen this offer. This promotion usually repeats at least 5 times each year. Instead of writing a new article every time I see a new promotion, I will just add the new dates here. There are also 3x points on anything for UltaMate members, and 5x points on anything for Platinum members that repeat each year. As soon as those offers pop up for 2018, I will start new articles.

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