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Very Late Review of My Sephora Beauty Insider Community Gratis Featuring: Tom Ford, Too Faced, STELLAR, and Gucci

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The Sephora Beauty Insider Community at times sends gratis to its members. As some of you may know, I took 2017 off from most social activity. Those in my personal life saw me a lot less. My blogging was almost nonexistent. Social media also slowed down. I just needed some time off from most of my responsibilities. On 08/16/17, a Beauty Insider Community moderator at Sephora reached out to me to see if I wanted some free products. The answer to that question is always yes. Who does not love free products? Everything is always better when it is free. In exchange for the free products, Sephora and the brands want honest reviews. It is impossible to review makeup when your break from life completely halts makeup application. Well, I finally tried all the items Sephora sent me on behalf of these brands, and my reviews are ready. Better late than never.

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Sephora and Tom Ford Pay It Forward With the November 24th Lips & Boys Launch

Happy Thanksgiving. Today is the official launch for the Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors at Sephora. To celebrate the launch and appreciate the most active BeautyTalk users (community members of Sephora’s online Beauty forum), Sephora and Tom Ford sent selected community members a free lipstick. The best part of this giveaway is we got to select a fellow BTer to receive a free lipstick as well. The ability to pay the gift forward makes receiving this gift even better. I love that I got to pick someone to receive a gift, and I selected the person who is going through the most. Hopefully, a tiny gift can brighten her season. This is my favorite time of year. On a similar note, the lady in front of my husband in the Dunkin Donuts Drive Thru this morning paid for his order. That has never happened to me, but I would also pay for the person behind me, like my husband did.

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Get Free Samples Volume Thirteen

Nothing beats completely free offers. Sometimes, there really is no catch to obtaining free items. You just have to know where to look and how to find them. Welcome to the thirteenth installment of items I’ve received for free. Past articles feature different freebies. The offers at times come in emails. Sometimes, you will see them on a blog or the direct brand’s website. Other times, you can find free offers on social media or even through snail mail. My Free Samples Page provides more information on sample opportunities. Offers can at times come by phone, but I never answer numbers I do not recognize. I will miss out on any that come that way.

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Ten Best Beauty Products of 2015

There are so many amazing beauty products. Very few of us come close to trying them all. Of all the ones I tried this year, I selected my ten favorites. I limited the list to products I tried for the first time this year, but that does not mean these items were all released in 2015. Sometimes getting the best deal means I discover products after they are no longer the latest and greatest. These are all certainly winners regardless of when they arrived in stores. It was really hard to narrow this list down, because it was a great year of discovery.

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SAKS Fifth Avenue 20% Off Beauty Plus 16% Back From ebates

SAKS Fifth Avenue offers have been incredible this year. On the morning of 05/11/15, I woke up to find a surprise, unique discount code for 20% off. It included beauty purchases. Passing a discount like that is near impossible, but ebates was also celebrating its birthday. At the time, a number of stores were participating in 16% cash back. Of course, SAKS was one of them. That meant, I would get 20% off the subtotal and 16% back after the purchase. Paying 16% back after removing 20% works out to a 32.8% discount, which is incredible. Neither the discount code nor the cash back had many limitations making it available on items and brands that do not see regular discounts. Unless there is a reason you cannot partake in an offer like this, you always should.

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SAKS Fifth Avenue $50 off a $200 Beauty Purchase, and a Sample Filled Tote

February 18th started like any other day.  My beautiful niece, Sammy, had been in the hospital since the 16th.  Prior to the 16th no one knew anything was wrong with her.  She woke up with swollen limbs, and my sister rushed her to the hospital to find out why.  For two days, the doctors told my sister that her daughter’s heart condition was beyond repair.  From one hospital to the next, my sister was in search of a better trained hospital and a more favorable prognosis.

Every time my sister told me there was no hope, I refused to believe it.  Some might say I was in denial.  After all, she was healthy or so I thought.  I prayed constantly and asked my friends to do the same.  There were leagues of people praying for one little girl to overcome her ailments.

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